The Goldmund Foundation

The mission of the Goldmund Foundation is to promote and arouse young talents in all domains of the audio and video industry. It does so through different international programs and projects managed by experienced professionals.

1: Technical competence in electronics, acoustics and psychoacoustics

The Goldmund Foundation offers paid internships to many young students to explore the fields of electronics, acoustics and psychoacoustics with experts from the Goldmund research and development team in Switzerland. In addition to the scientific knowledge they gain from their practical experience, internships at Goldmund offer them a whole range of professional opportunities in the audio industry. Some of them are also hired by Goldmund Switzerland as full time engineers.

2: Industrial design

The Goldmund Foundation aims at encouraging creativity in industrial design and has recently launched a speaker design contest. The winners will have the opportunity to travel to the Goldmund Geneva factory to participate to the development process of the speaker they will have created from the prototype to the manufacturing phase.

3: Fundamental Research

The Goldmund Foundation finances fundamental research projects led by university laboratories. This allows doctoral students to work on unexplored fields of acoustics and psychoacoustics but also represents a significant source of income for educational institutions.

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The Goldmund Foundation is located 6 avenue des Citronniers, Les Acanthes, 98000 Monaco and is fully owned by Goldmund International SAM.

Goldmund foundation