Metis System

Compact, Powerful, and Precise

The Metis system is the lifestyle offer of the home theatre solutions by Goldmund.

It has been specifically designed to be very discrete thus the small size of the elements it comprises. Yet, its performance and sound quality have amazed many audio professionals and reviewers. By using Goldmund’s signature technologies (Proteus and Leonardo), the ultra realism of its sound and superiority of its surround processing make the Metis home theater the ideal choice for music and cinema lovers who are looking for much more than a 5.1.

The Metis systems offer a wide flexibility to create a solution adapted to your room. You can choose the number of speakers you wish to use (up to 10 channels) and digitally customize the system so its configuration is optimal for a given room. You can also start with a simple stereo system and add speakers and subwoofers in time if you wish to.

It is extremely easy to setup, comes with minimal wiring and can be made partially wireless. The range of possibilities for the installation of the speakers is also quite wide:

  • discretely concealed on a bookshelf,
  • wall mounted,
  • standing on the specially designed Metis foot (2 heights available)

The Metis system not only offers the sound that pleases the soul but a design that will create a luxurious appeal to your entertainment room. It can be both used as stereo or multi-channel system with ease (the switch between formats is automatically performed by the processor).

The Metis system comprises of the Metis active speakers, Metis subwoofer, Metis 30U blu-ray player, and Metis processor. Your nearest Goldmund retailer can recommend the system that is appropriate to your room and will take care of the configuration of your processor, perform software and firmware updates regularly; so all you have to do is to enjoy music and films for many years to come.

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