Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.138, May 2010

Marketing News

Welcome to the New Goldmund Website

Welcome to our newly redesigned website. A new look and clearer navigation will make it very easy for you to find the information you are looking for. Just like in the previous site, each product page includes a description and technical information that include product specifications and the user manual.

Clearly, the design of the site is what changes most from the previous version and we would like to give credit to Mr. Pino Dell Aquilla both for the exceptional product pictures that he takes and for the new look of this website.

If you have difficulties displaying the website, please be aware that we are using the latest web standards: CSS2 and 3, and some advanced Javascript. For this reason, older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6.0 are not supported. We recommend using the latest versions of Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome and Mozilla Foundation's Firefox. The site is also compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer with minor design alterations.

Coming soon, a press area with high resolution pictures and press releases, and a page dedicated to professionals such as interior designers, architects or AV installers. We will keep you informed as soon as these new pages are available.

We also remind you that we can send you the Goldmund newsletter by e-mail each month. You can now register here if you wish to receive it automatically.

We hope you will enjoy the visit. Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions.

Product News

The Telos 3500 - New Goldmund Superstar Amplifier

Telos 3500

For those who did not buy the Telos 5000 on time, the new Telos 3500 is THE perfect choice as it inherited most of the Telos 5000 technical qualities and physical attributes. It promises to be the new Goldmund Superstar Amplifier, but let us tell you why:

The looks:

The Telos 3500 looks just like Telos 5000, but measures only 2/3 of its height (24”). It is gorgeously crafted in eloxed aluminum and adorned with gold stripes on the sides and the Goldmund gold plate on the front panel. The purity of its lines only matches that of the materials used in its making. It is by carefully selecting the best raw materials and by collaborating with renowned experts in their treatment that Goldmund can fashion the luxurious and sturdy look that has characterized its products for decades. This is also what makes their unique durability. The construction of the Telos 3500 also features the most exceptional mechanical grounding, similar to that of the T5000 with an extreme rigidity and heavy weight (>100kg).

And the brain:

  • The Telos 3500 uses the transformers and the capacitors that were specifically developed for the Telos 5000 (even if in a reduced number) in order to provide the same extreme “Driver Control”.
  • It has also been designed to allow a DSP board option. First introduced with the Telos 350, this option promises exciting possibilities to use the T3500 with Proteus in a multi channel configuration.
  • It has a digital and an analog input with fixed level (switchable to provide the same sensitivity as the Telos 1000/2500 when set at +9dB position)
  • It has a new circuit topology to cancel the ground loops if connected in analog, avoiding the serious buzz generated by usual unbalanced amplifiers when the star grounding is not properly made.
  • It offers all the safeties of the 2500/1000/600/350 for a foolproof operation
  • It uses an Alize 6 D/A circuit in order to have the same latency as the other main amplifiers in the Goldmund line and be easily mixed with the T1000/T2500/T350 (or even the Telos 600 if upgraded to the Alize6).

Like for the Telos 350, the power of the Telos 3500 is not announced but you may guess it is between the Telos 2500 and 5000…As a brainchild of the Telos 5000, it has the capacity to drive anything existing, in any possible configuration.

The New Goldmund Asymmetrical Mechanical Grounding ™

As it often happens in fundamental research this new technology was discovered by accident during an experience on Telos amplifiers mechanical construction.

A defective assembly (3 of the 4 feet had been un-tightened) obviously produced a serious improvement to the amplifier high-level clarity when the only tight foot was located under the power transistors.

The construction of the new Telos 350, with one rigid internal foot and 3 more flexible ones was born. Placing the heat sink on the side of the amplifier, pushing the power transistors to its front, and linking the transformers to the same feet then became obvious.

In addition, the rigid foot was extended to the top of the amplifier and linked to a cover tightening screw, providing a single continuity path for the evacuation of vibrations of other amplifiers stacked on top of the first one.

Visually surprising, the asymmetrical effect of having the heat sink on the right side and the weight concentrated on the front right foot proved remarkably efficient and allowed the size and weight of the amplifier to be seriously reduced without quality loss.

The added advantage of being able to stack several amplifiers without reaching uncomfortable heights was also especially welcome since the new 2-channel Proteus technology requires increasing the number of the power amplifiers in a system.

Worldwide Events

Jefferson Hifi Video at the High End Days in Paris

The Jefferson Hifi Video team welcomed Goldmund customers at the beautiful Hotel Bristol in Paris for the High End Days last month. A lot of visitors had the pleasure to listen to a full Goldmund System, but also to a system that used Goldmund Electronics and Focal Speakers. See the pictures below and follow the links to read impressions published by attendees.

On Top Audio

Signal sur Bruit