Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.146, January 2011

Worldwide Events

Happy New Year!

The Goldmund Team wishes you a Happy New Year! May the year of the Rabbit bring you continuous success, happiness, health and prosperity.

Goldmund Open House 2011 Report

We wanted to thank you all for your presence at our Open House this year. It was a great pleasure welcoming you to celebrate the successes of the year 2010 and reveal our plans for an even more successful new year. Going back to 2010, during the Open House, three of our distributors received awards for their exceptional work: High End Research for the best Sales Growth in 2010 Audio Gallery for the best Showroom and Demonstrations Thanh Tung Audio Co. Ltd. for the best 2010 New Distributor Congratulations! The yearly Goldmund Open House is a very special event where we gather our distributors for technical training sessions and for the presentation of new products. A few pictures follow. We especially wanted to thank Mr. Brent Butterworth for his participation to our event this year and for his presentation on multichannel formats.

Goldmund Today & Tomorrow

Goldmund is not getting out of the crisis… this is because it never was in a crisis. Just like any other company, we closely studied our results for 2010; and unlike many other companies, figures show that we have kept progressing significantly in 2010 and over the last said “crisis” years. What this means to us is that our strategy to maintain Goldmund as a top player in the industry, regardless of the global economical climate, has perfectly functioned. What it means for our distributors and partners is that they are collaborating with a company that is the most stable and sustainable one in the AV business, that has never been bought by external funds or changed ownership, and that they can count on us today and for many years to come.

The same applies to our products that we maintained to the highest level thanks to state of the art technologies that have been developed in house by our R&D team over the last 30 years. Older Goldmund products are still being used today by customers who bought them for the quality of their construction, the level of their performance and because their technological advance ensured they represented a long term investment.

Today, our research team is focusing on the design of products that will offer an even more extended product life thanks to software updates that will easily make their units upgradable as technologies evolve. They also concentrate on making them user friendly and easy to install. New products this year will offer connectivity with more balanced capability to better connect non-Goldmund components and will be easily integrated in home automation systems. Finally, the legendary quality of Goldmund mechanics will be maintained and even improved with the use of the latest full aluminum heavy-duty construction.

The New House by Goldmund: Apple Controlled Systems, No Remote Control, No Server

Simple to install, easy to use, technologically sound and efficient: this is why Goldmund has chosen Apple products such as the iPad to control its systems. In addition, many Goldmund customers are already Apple users so this choice is a win-win for everybody. Goldmund envisions the house of tomorrow as one without remote controls or media servers. This is why the Media Room in Los Angeles is now controllable by a wall mounted iPad wirelessly connected to a Mac computer located in the Goldmund House office. Music is played in all rooms from an iTunes library; Apple TV instantly lets you enjoy movies and TV shows in the Media Room and the family room… easy and bug proof, simplicity becomes luxury!

Product News

New Reference Products

Goldmund Telos 3500

The Telos 3500 (picture above) is now shipping. We consider this is the best amplifier ever made by Goldmund.

The Logos 3, the Giant speakers that will kill all other subwoofers, is a "domestic" version of the U-Logos 3 that Goldmund created for its Media Room. With a bandwidth extending from 7Hz to 20 Hz, the Logos 3 is exclusively developed for playing the LFE channel of large Home Theaters. It is a passive speaker that requires a Telos with high power and high speaker control (the minimum is a Telos 350) to deliver its brute force.

The Epilogue 3 Signature by opposition is the most sophisticated subwoofer for the most sophisticated speaker in existence: the Goldmund Full Epilogue Signature. After the Epilogue 1 Signature and Epilogue 2 Signature, it is the last part of a Full Epilogue Signature system. With a bandwidth completing perfectly the Epilogue 2 Signature and a power sufficient to play LFE frequencies with the dynamics of an Epilogue system, it provides incredible foundation in music applications and incredible transparency in the LFE effects in multi-channel.

The New Mimesis 20H that has been recently announced is the best D/A converter ever made for audiophiles. Successor of the famous Mimesis 20 introduced by Goldmund in 1996, the new D/A will use 2 channels of Alize 7. It will provide several types of digital inputs like XLR, RCA, Toslink and even an USB port. The chassis will remind that of the Mimesis 22 and Mimesis 20 but with all new features including the new "Asymmetrical Mechanical Grounding" construction and the capability to be declined cosmetically for dedicated versions.

New Acoustic Processors Applications

Goldmund Mimesis 16HD

In addition to Proteus 2-channel, the Goldmund Acoustic Processors Mimesis 32, Mimesis 16 & 16HD (and finally the Metis 10 as well) have received several new functions in 2010 and will continue to do so in 2011. All these updates will remain only software and will be implemented by the Universal Configurator.

In 2011, new standard room acoustic software modules for multi-channel systems will be released to better control the room resonance and reflections. And we should soon have a serious improvement of the 7.1 PCM playback, to match some of the upcoming films and concerts (which, finally, will really be mixed in 7.1 after nearly 8 years of fake 7.1…) and new Blu-ray machines now available with 7.1 PCM outputs. Our new Universal Configurator will receive more and more functions and you can expect to see as many new versions as there are improvements in the processors. But the very good news is that the use of the Universal Configurator will also become much simpler, allowing complex systems to be configured in a heartbeat. 2011 will certainly concur to the clear trend started in 2009 to make the players decode their specific formats more and more and leave the acoustic processors with only the noble task of improving the sound of your room. We could also see finally some attempts from the market to introduce real 3D audio formats, a subject very carefully studied by the Goldmund Fundamental Research Department.

New Metis Products

After the creation of phenomenal small components such as the Metis 2, 3 & 5, Goldmund completes its line with the Metis One, the Metis DVD and an improved version of the Metis Speaker.

Now the Metis family allows all kinds of systems to be built, both in analog and digital, in 2-channel and multichannel, and even in Proteus. We have also sold some preliminary versions of the in-wall Metis speaker, prefiguring a very high-tech speaker we prepare to offer ultra-high quality Home-Theaters at lower cost. The remaining question is the need to widen the Metis distribution channels to take advantage of the large quantity capability of such a line of products.

The Telos 352-353 Proteus Solvers

With a cost only fractionally superior to the cost of a Telos 350, the Telos 352 and Telos 353 are 2-channel and 3-channel power amplifiers with the same specifications as the Telos 350, but built so they can separately feed each driver of a Proteus-controlled speaker.

The power supply transformers are common and the 2 or 3 channels are similar to the 350 circuit. Goldmund believes that the reasonable cost and the "Single Box" appearance of these new amplifiers will make customers more prone to migrate to a Proteus configuration.

Goldmund Telos 352

Goldmund Eidos Blu-ray players: Oppo Inside

Goldmund announces that its Eidos Blu-ray units will now be equipped with Oppo players. After thorough testing of several different Blu-ray players, our engineers concluded that Oppo provided the best technology to achieve maximum quality both in video AND audio playback. Interestingly enough, tests showed that the audio playback represented the biggest improvements over previous Blu-ray players that were used in the Eidos line.

The feedback on the level of performance from distributors and final users who purchased the first units was immediate and unanimous: they were absolutely ecstatic. A quote we received by one of them follows: “I would say in one word 'AWSOME!' both audio and video; the owner and all his friends had no single doubt.”