Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.147, February 2011

Worldwide Events

Extraordinary Goldmund Showroom in Seoul!

The Opening ceremony of the Goldmund Showroom in Seoul took place on February 16. The New Goldmund store located 2nd floor of Yong-san Electronics Land is just how we had dreamt it, luxurious, refined, and with a variety of products that allow the demonstration of the latest Goldmund technologies.

We believe this is the best Goldmund showroom ever created and are even wondering if this is not simply the best ultra high end showroom worldwide (all brands included).

The store has 3 showrooms where each room presents different concepts and listening experiences. It also includes Proteus demonstrations of prestigious speaker brands such as Vivid and Sonus Faber associated with Goldmund electronics.

The launching of the luxurious Seoul store is the first one of a series of new Goldmund showrooms worldwide, next one being the new Hong Kong store due to open around June 2010.These confirm our position of leader of luxury electronics, offer customers a real VIP experience and thorough presentation of our products but also allow the Goldmund team to coach distributors and dealers on site with full systems available for practical training.

In March, the Goldmund team will travel to Seoul for a special new training that will cover both the technical and marketing aspects of Proteus multichannel and two-channel (including a full review of the Goldmund Universal Configurator). It will also be the occasion for the Goldmund marketing team to meet with the press and support Audio Gallery in their PR activities.

We look forward to our visit and want to congratulate again Mr. Sang Jun Na, CEO, and the Audio Gallery team for their exceptional achievement!

Goldmund Days at the Hotel Le Bristol with the Jefferson Hifi Video Team

This is a yearly event dedicated to our French customers. The Jefferson Hifi Video team will welcome the public in the beautiful facilities of the famous Hotel Le Bristol in Paris on April 23 and 24 from 10AM to 7PM.

Hotel Le Bristol: 112, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore 75008 Paris

We look forward to welcoming you.

Product News

Eidos Reference Blue Limited Edition, 5 Units Available This Year

Goldmund Eidos Reference Blue, Blu-ray player

You have surely heard comments about how incredible the Eidos Reference Blue equipped with the Oppo transport sounds both with CDs and Blu Rays. Well, we will make 5 more of this limited edition masterpiece this year.

Goldmund’s most famous technologies are used in the Eidos Reference Blue.

Improved Mechanical Grounding construction with sturdier table support. Heavily damped brass and aluminum heavy-duty mechanism enclosure (30kg) suspended on 4 spring loaded suspension pods. External aluminum transport rigidifying structure for spurious vibration cancellation. Extraordinary mechanical assembly that prevents all vibration to affect the sound and image produced. The built-in stabilized power supply uses the Goldmund AC-Curator circuitry. It is totally separated from the mechanism by the top of the table support. Goldmund “Magnetic Damping” technology, considerably improving the image stability and sound transparency.

Availability: June 2011

Audio Decoding, a Reminder of What We Told You in December…But This Time by Oppo

This is the opinion expressed by Oppo on their website about the decoding of Audio formats.

Should I perform audio decoding in the player or in the receiver?

Bugs aside, there is no reason to expect that decoding in the OPPO and decoding in the AVR will produce different results. The new "lossless" audio packing formats for Blu-ray (Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA) are "lossless" in the sense that what comes out of the decoder is bit-for-bit identical to what went into the encoder in the first place when the studio created that track. The result of decoding is high-bandwidth, multi-channel LPCM -- the simplest form of digital audio. The LPCM the OPPO sends out over the HDMI cable after decoding is the same LPCM as the AVR would get internally if it were asked to do the decoding. The certification process from Dolby Labs and from DTS is supposed to ensure this. The bottom line is that if you detect a quality difference in your setup, then you have likely discovered a bug or a user setup error -- either in the OPPO or in your AVR. Note also that even if you like bitstreaming to your AVR, you still need to get an AVR that handles HDMI LPCM input properly -- because otherwise you won't be able to listen to the raw (uncompressed) LPCM tracks found on quite a few Blu-ray discs. Letting the OPPO do the decoding also makes it easier to take advantage of "secondary audio mixing" on Blu-ray discs. All in all, you might as well just let the OPPO do all the decoding and just leave it that way. Pretty much the only thing you lose will be that the little TrueHD or DTS-HD MA light won't turn on in your AVR because once the track has been decoded to LPCM the AVR can't tell what format it was prior to that.

Click here to read the article in the Oppo website

Marketing News

Goldmund and the Media

This month in iTechno: An article on the New Goldmund Showroom in Seoul. In Korean.

Click here to read the article

Goldmund People

Goldmund People

Most of you do not know the people who work for Goldmund and are responsible for the products and technologies you are buying. Yet, these are the direct heritage of years of individual experience, of ultimate craftsmanship and passion. We will start introducing them to you in our newsletters. This month features Mr. Alain Perez.

Mr. Perez is the workshop Manager at the Geneva Factory. He has been working for Goldmund for 7 years, managing our supply chain from beginning to end and is our technical expert in the assembly of amplifiers, processors, loudspeakers and DVD players.

His preference goes to the mechanical assembly work of the Telos 1000 in which its talent and expertise insure the perfection of the finished unit born from raw metals to empower the most extreme audio systems in the world. His favorite system: Full epilogue powered by Telos 1000’s, a Mimesis 32 and Eidos 20 BD.