Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.151, July 2011

Worldwide Events

New Goldmund Luxury Showroom in Hong Kong

You might have seen the first picture on last newsletter but here are additional ones for your perusal. The grand opening is planned sometimes in October. Congratulations to the Forthwise team for this exceptional showroom.

Marketing News

Goldmund People

Antonio Sanna Goldmund

Mr. Antonio Sanna

Age : 26 Education: Electronic technician diploma Nationality: Italian

Antonio is in charge of technical support to our distributors. He has been working at the Goldmund factory in Switzerland for almost a year now and we can clearly say that his work and dedication have had a significant impact on the technical support department efficiency.

In addition, Antonio plays an active role in the Goldmund Quality Control Process by testing preamplifiers, acoustic processors and amplifiers’ boards before assembly and performing finished products tests. Products sent back to the factory for repair land in Antonio’s expert hands.

Antonio is also making the link with the Research & Development department in diagnosing and listing all technical matters encountered with products or installations. This feedback is then used to complete the technical database available to our distributors and integrated in new products designs.

Antonio’s dream system: Mimesis 36 (Antonio’s favorite vintage player) and Eidos 20BD2, Mimesis 16HD, Telos 3500 + Telos 2500, Full Epilogue.

Goldmund Technical Support by Video Conference

A new service has been launched exclusively for our distributors in order to answer their questions quickly and efficiently. Even better than a hot line, the Goldmund technical support department is now using video conference to provide technical support all around the world.

This new tool is part of our company strategy to provide the ultimate service quality and responsiveness.