Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.154, November 2011

Inside Goldmund

Goldmund Switzerland Facilities Ready to Welcome Visitors

The Goldmund facilities are now equipped with a new conference room (pictures below). The room is also equipped for video conferences that we use more and more with many of our distributors both for commercial and technical purposes.

Goldmund Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer

Goldmund is glad to extend a warm welcome to Mr. Etienne Bonaz its new Chief Financial Officer hired to manage the rapid expansion of the company and new business projects. Mr. Bonaz is strong of a 26-year experience in company management. He specializes in international trade and corporate finance. Throughout his career, Etienne has been in charge of many foreign subsidiaries, has led merger and acquisition operations and has set up many new companies worldwide.

The management team is delighted to see the Goldmund family grow again and looks forward to collaborating with Mr. Bonaz.

Marketing News

Goldmund Website Soon Available in Many Languages

Our marketing team is developing the Goldmund website so it will soon be available in many languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian and French.

Many customers worldwide can expect to read our site in their native language current 2012. We are now starting with Chinese with the help of our group of Chinese advisers from the famous La Sorbonne University in Paris.

Goldmund and the Media

This month, a product spotlight in Luxury Magazine published in the Middle East:

Click here to see the article on our review page

And in Cinenow, an interview of Mr. Torno, our French representative, on the Metis line and more particularly the new Metis DA Converter (in French).

Click here to see the video

Product News

The New Goldmund Metis 8 Stereo Processor

The Metis 8 is a stereo acoustic processor. It provides excellent opportunities for our customers to acquire a Goldmund stereo system at a lower price while still benefiting from our Proteus and Leonardo corrections.

INPUTS: 3 analog 2-channel inputs 4 digital inputs RCA (up to 96 kHz) 2 digital inputs optical toslink (up to 96 kHz) 1 digital input USB (up to 48 kHz pcm Stereo only)


REMOTE-CONTROL RC5 Standard remote system compatible with standard programmable remote control transmitter (codes available on request). Volume and balance control Selection of the source Remote Muting and Standby Front panel and remote-control adjustable level control with 65dB range and 0.05dB accuracy in the 0-> -34dB range

FRONT PANEL CONTROLS 2 knobs for input selection and volume control 2 character numeric displays for input selection 2 character numeric displays for volume Direct Led format, balance and function display

POWER SUPPLY 1 separate transformer 6 separately regulated power supplies Nominal AC line voltage: 117V or 240V Input voltage range: +/- 15% Maximum power consumption: 8W Fuse: 100mA /250V (slow-blow)

SIZE AND WEIGHT Size: 370 L x 300 W x 60 H (mm) Weight: 7 kg

WARRANTY 3 years

Metis 8 Stereo Processor