Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.159, June 2012

Inside Goldmund

Collaboration between Focal & Goldmund: a World First in the Audio Industry History

Born from a shared passion for the ultra high end, Focal and Goldmund reveal today their collaboration on the creation of ultimate audio systems.

Joining their respective technological expertise in acoustics and electronics, the two European brands are working on the creation of extremely advanced customized reproduction systems.

This very close technical collaboration aims at optimizing the association of speakers and amplifiers that are already considered as references on the international audio market. It will also undoubtedly redefine the ultra high end state of the art, which is incredibly exciting for both teams.

This collaboration is also an historical world premiere in the audio industry in which companies are usually not keen on sharing their knowledge. They usually make sure that their products are somewhat compatible with other brands, but Focal and Goldmund decided to push this limit much farther by creating an ambitious and innovative philosophy based on a system concept and designed to reach the ultimate level of excellence. Both brands are convinced that only a close collaboration and the sharing of the expertise they have acquired throughout their many years of experience will bring their most demanding customers the utmost performance they expect.

Considering what is at stake in such a project, the technologies exchanged remain so far confidential as well as the detail of the systems that will result from this collaboration.

Focal and Goldmund will however make sure of sending more specific information to the press in the coming months. For the professionals from press and media a full press release is available for download on our press center page.