Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.161, August 2012

Marketing News

Important Cosmetic Improvements on the Way

new improved cosmetics

The Goldmund R&D team has recently presented a remarkable improvement in the presentation of the future Goldmund middle level products.

In addition to a slightly increased height, and a larger front signaletic plaque, the most remarkable visual improvement is the disappearance of all the lateral attaching screws, as shown in the picture below.

The best news is that it will be achieved without price increase… Quite unexpected!

Product News

A Rumor from Geneva


Do you remember the famous Apologue speaker system that was presented at the New York Modern art Museum in 1988?

It had been designed by the contemporary Italian artist, Claudio Rotta-Loria.

Well, the rumor from Geneva is that 2013 might see a jubilee edition of 25 units of this fantastic speaker.