Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.167, July 2013

Worldwide Events

World Premiere Demonstration of the Apologue by DaChee International in Taipei

DaChee International invites you to the world premiere demonstration of the Apologue Anniversary at the Taiwan Audio Show.   This unique event will take place at the Taiwan Audio Association 23rd International High-End Show that will be held at the Grand Hotel: No. 1, Sec. 4, Chung Shan N. Road, Taipei.

Do not miss this unique occasion to listen to these fabulous speakers.  This will be the first Apologue Anniversary displayed outside of Geneva and very few of these are or will be available.   The DaChee team, along with Goldmund representatives will be glad to welcome you from August 15th to 18th 2013, between 10AM and 6PM, Room 109.

Jefferson Hifi Video Opens the First Goldmund Home Theater in Europe and Becomes Goldmund France

We are proud to announce the opening of a brand new home theater demonstration facility by our French distributor Jefferson Hifi Video. This showroom is the first one of its kind in Europe and has already attracted many customers in search of a real home cinema experience.

The system comprises in-wall Logos equipment as well as Logos infra subwoofers located in the stairs under the seats. These give a third dimension to the whole audio video experience that is completely physical (deep vibrations) and provide a level of realism never even approached before. A mimesis 32 and Eidos 36U do the rest of the work.

The lucky customers who have already had the opportunity to test the room described it as being “the most overwhelming and refined audio video experience they had ever had”. The opening of this showroom is in line with Goldmund’s long-term strategy to propose multiple luxurious demonstration facilities for our customers around the world. If experiencing Goldmund home cinemas used to be a challenge some time ago, it is no longer the case. With more than 10 countries with multichannel showrooms currently available or in works, Goldmund is quickly expanding worldwide while securing younger teams that have the ability to propel the brand into the future. It is on this base that Jefferson Hifi and Goldmund have created Goldmund France, an entity that implies a closer collaboration for a mutual benefit.

Jefferson Hifi Video can pride itself of being the most successful distributor for the beginning of 2013, in a country where the political climate is far from encouraging heavy spending. With this new showroom, and new position as Goldmund France, the Jefferson team is clearly sending a strong message to HNW individuals and luxury consumers in Europe who are looking for a refined environment to test an exceptional home theater system.

For a private demonstration in this stunning showroom, please call +33 (0) 6 68 10 95 76 or send an e-mail to

Marketing News

Stereo Sound Japan Re-discovers Goldmund

It was with great pleasure that Goldmund welcomed Fu-san, the famous Japanese reviewer and Someya-san, chief Editor of Stereo Sound Japan, for a visit of three days in Geneva in early June. It was the first time a Japanese magazine visited the new factory.

The objective of this visit was to present Goldmund’s most recent ways of production, very fast technological evolution and technical achievements over the last 10 years. The Stereo Sound team really re-discovered Goldmund, which was crucial after many years of lack of information to the Japanese public

They celebrated the obviously considerable evolution and improvements made by the company during last years and will make a full report in the September issue of the Stereo Sound. So look out for the article copy in our reviews soon.

Goldmund & the Media

Goldmund continues making it to the TOP with the Apologue Anniversary as articles all over the world are non-stop talking about this exceptional product. Here are links to the most recent articles on the Apologue Anniversary.

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Goldmund Website Now in Russian

The Goldmund website is adding Russian to the languages it proposes to its customers.