Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.169, November 2013

Product News

The New Telos Headphone Amplifier

A new Goldmund Amplifier is born and will be presented in Los Angeles in January. It is the Goldmund Telos Headphone Amplifier   A usual for the Telos line, our R&D team has been excessively maniac about the way this Telos would control the headphones. As a result, it can drive any headphone even the least sensitive ones, and adapts to any impedance. Being a Telos, it brings exceptional dynamics (80V rails).   It comes with built-in gain adjustment and its volume control is similar to that developed for the Mimesis 22H, with unique linearity and perfect channel balance.   Last but not least, Goldmund innovates again with the first headphone amplifier integrating built-in DSP that allows unique signal treatments like Time correction (Leonardo) or Binaural decoding, for continuous and smooth head tracking in all angles.   The Telos Headphone Amplifier will quickly become THE MUST HAVE for headphone addicts and music lovers who wish to enjoy their favorite tracks privately.

Worldwide Events

Goldmund France Presented the New ProLogos at the Salon Haute-Fidélité in Paris

On November 9 & 10, 2013 Goldmund France / Jefferson Hifi presented 25 of its Goldmund References at the Hotel Marriott Paris Rive Gauche during the Salon Haute-Fidélité. This event permitted customers to have a full insight on a wide range of products.

The Salon was also the occasion to launch the new Goldmund ProLogos speaker on the French market. Further to this event, these have been qualified as “Grand Cru Audio” or “Musical Gourmet” placing this product high up in the sensorial scale. Wine, fine food, and excellent sound, so French!

Audio Gallery Launches the Apologue Anniversary in Seoul

On October 30 and 31, Audio Gallery organized a special event for the launch of the Apologue Anniversary in Seoul. It took place in the incredibly luxurious showroom of Cheongdam where more than 100 square meters are entirely devoted to Goldmund. Many Goldmund systems are presented in an utterly refined decor, from the small Micrometis, to the collossal Apologue Anniversary.

The attendance comprised potential customers and many journalists. Articles written on the event can be found in the « Goldmund & the Media » article at the end of this newsletter.   Congratuations to the Audio Gallery team for this exceptional showroom and event.

Inside Goldmund

Goldmund People – Corinne Piaugeard

Name: Corinne Piaugeard

Age: 44 years old

Studies: Associates Degree in electronics, Annecy France.

Worked at Orest’s research and development department for 12 yrs (Bellegarde, France)

Worked at Goldmund for 9 years

Company Position: Electronic board fitter

Function and tasks at Goldmund: Assembly of electronic boards (SMD component and traditional), sourcing and inventory management, prototyping and production.

Type of work Corinne enjoys: she appreciates the assembly of complicated cards (loaded with many SMD components ...) such as the circuits of the Mimesis 32.5, main board of the T350 +, or circuits of the Apologue Anniversary.

Professional Objectives: grow within the company, obtain experience in another sector (testing for example), be responsible for the automation of electronic boards production as more and more boards will be assembled with SMD in the future.

Corinne specifically wanted to include in this article that she thoroughly enjoys her activity at Goldmund and the collaboration with her coworkers.