Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.188, November 2016

Product News

NEW: Goldmund Presents The Logos Sukha

Goldmund Logos Sukha

Sukha is a word used to describe “the wisdom that allows us to see the world as it is, without veils or distortions. It is the joy of moving toward inner freedom”*. In Pali, Sukha means happiness and ease, bliss or pleasure, and that is exactly what our engineers meant to create when designing this speaker.

With its iconic shape and perfect aluminum finish, the Sukha borrows its frame to the Apologue Anniversary and the Anatta in a model that is much more reasonable in size and offers an unexpected performance for its dimensions. Its sound image is wide and powerful while remaining completely coherent. But the most amazing characteristic of this speaker is its ability to deliver strong but extremely neat low frequencies. No need for a subwoofer with this system, it does the work all-alone!

If it is recommended to music lovers looking for ultra realism in sound reproduction, it also stands, thanks to its incredible bass, as a perfect option for front speakers of a home theater, or simply as speakers for your flat screen television.

A produce of the Goldmund Proteus Mathematical model, the Sukha is a smart active speaker whose DSP’s include the Leonardo 2 technology (the latest version of our time alignment correction algorithm), digital crossovers, gains and delays. This means the speakers are a full system by themselves and, should you choose so, you could use them only with your computer music library as a wireless source thanks to the dongle provided with the Sukha.

For more ambitious systems with multiple sound sources such as your TV and disc player, the Sukha can be coupled with the Goldmund Talisman Wireless hub or with any of our processors. Its seamless wireless transmission is a great mean to simplify its installation and to keep your living room neat. However, an input (SPDIF) is also available if you wish to use cables.

A bit smaller and less expensive than the Satya, the Sukha is easy, lively, impressive and convenient. You do not need to be an audio specialist to hear that it brings a perfectly realistic sound to your home environment wherever you position it.

High Tech performance made simple and that adapts to your lifestyle: this is what Goldmund calls happiness!

(*) Matthieu Ricard, Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill

Worldwide Events

Goldmund At Maison Assouline, the Luxury Library of London

Created to be the first luxury brand on culture the Maison Assouline supplies everything for a contemporary library. But the owners did not want to limit themselves to books and have been quick to propose a new approach in their stores.

As Prosper Assouline puts it, “we love and believe in books more than everything else, but we also want to extend our vision to create all that can be expected in a chic and personalized library, from beautiful books and special editions to luxury gift items, unique library accessories, and now a complete turnkey collection of stylish furniture.”

Last month, Maison Assouline added audio products to their collections and welcomed Goldmund in their very chic evening party at their London Piccadilly store. The Satya and the Nanometis were presented amongst beautiful books, vintage luggage from Louis Vuitton, antique sculptures, and floods of Champagne.

Many thanks to Yvonne and Robb of Sonata HiFi for working on this event in collaboration with Maison Assouline.

Goldmund Participates To The International Jewelry And Watch Exhibition in Tokyo

Japanese VIP customers of the luxury department store Mitsukoshi had the pleasure of discovering Goldmund at The International Jewelry And Watch Exhibition on the 4th of November.   This very exclusive show can be entered only by invitation and the average price of the products presented is around 10 million Japanese Yen and up.

In order to protect clients' privacy, photographs are strictly prohibited, which is why we can only show you the event leaflet.

A personal sales consultant escorts each customer during his/her entire visit. This one introduces each brand, communicates with brand representatives on the client's behalf, and makes sure the experience is a pleasing as possible.

Customers were able to listen to the Goldmund Prologos along with the Mimesis 16.5 and the Eidos 36U+ for a nice pause between their visits of the Chanel, Boucheron and Bulgari stands, amongst others.