Metis Nano

Metis Nano - 扬声器

The new Nanometis is the smallest and more versatile speaker proposed by our brand. It completes an already very wide line of Goldmund high-end wireless speakers created to simplify customer’s lives thanks to models that are extremely easy to use and install.

Do not take this cute little speaker for another toy on the market, as it includes not less than the new Goldmund Leonardo 2 technology, and 140W of Telos amplification per pair.

If the Nanometis can be described as the ideal plug and play computer audio system, its impressive performance also allows using it as a surround speaker in a multichannel installation.

It functions with any of the Goldmund processors but will most likely make a perfect and simple match with a Talisman Hub that wirelessly connects the speakers to many different sources, including your television. For multichannel applications a digital processor and a wireless transmitter are needed but just like our other wireless speakers, the Nanometis can also be used with the Goldmund dongle only.

Its dimensions (138 (w) x 185 (H) x 173.5 (D) mm) make it extremely discreet and easy to position on a desk and anywhere in a room, whether on a bookshelf, on a foot or wall mounted.

You can choose your Nanometis in four different finishes: Pearly White, Anthracite Grey, Black and Aluminum, just like the Goldmund Talisman.

    • Nominal mains voltage: 117 V or 234 V, 50 to 60 Hz
    • Mains voltage range: +/- 15 %
    • Wireless audio stream from USB dongle
    • 4 inch medium driver
    • 1 inch dome tweeter
    • Vent loading
    • 84.0 dB at 2.82 V/1m -BANDWIDTH (- 3 dB)
    • 84 Hz to 25 kHz
    • Digital (DSP)
    • Built-in, 70 W amplifier at 8 Ohms (IEC60065) per unit
    • Rated Power Consumption 70 W per unit
    • Weight of one Nano Metis Wireless: 4.8 kg
    • Size of one Nano Metis Wireless: 138mm (W) x 204mm (D) x 185mm (H)
    • 3 years parts and labor