Logos System

Extreme, Immersive and ultra high tech.

Designed for medium to semi large areas of entertainment this system turns the music and video into a unique level of sensations. This level of performance is due to the technologies developed by Goldmund that guarantee an extreme authenticity in the sound reproduction, in the panning, and in the sound level achieved by the Logos Home Theater.

If these technologies have represented years of research and development, they are actually quite simple to understand:

Extreme Multichannel: there is no such thing as 5.1 in nature, the basics of quality surround are that you really need to be surrounded (as its name indicates it) by sound to obtain a lifelike experience. We think that you are surrounded by sound once you cannot define from which speaker a sound comes from - thus the necessity of extreme multichannel capability and the multiplication of the number of drivers in a room. Goldmund is the only company to offer processors allowing the management of up to 32 channels.

Proteus: it is the mathematical model that is used to calculate optimal room configurations (equipment required for a given sound level and perfect surround, digital crossovers, and speaker positioning). Proteus also outputs configuration files that are loaded into the digital processor (or amplifier DSP) that include the Leonardo time correction (see the white paper on the Leonardo time correction for detailed scientific explanations on this Goldmund technology). Proteus and Leonardo also guarantee exceptionally high sound level, with no distortion, so no fatigue for the listener.

The logos system includes infra-subwoofers that have the particularity of producing frequencies that cannot be heard but that produce deep vibrations that add a highly physical dimension to the movie experience. A big explosion in a movie needs to be heard at the right level but also needs to be felt, just like you would feel it in real life.

The Logos system is highly customizable and is made to accompany any décor. It offers many different possibilities in terms of equipment choice. A system can be external (with visible speakers such as the Logos Satya, Prologos, etc...), internal (with in-wall logos speakers and subwoofers), or a mix of both options with the Logos Satya or Anatta as front speakers and all other speakers in-wall.

Contact your nearest Goldmund representative to request a Logos Home theater study adapted to your room. All pertinent information to the project will be sent to the Goldmund Acoustic Laboratory in Geneva that will calculate the optimal system for your needs.

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