Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.166, May 2013

Product News

Telos 280 – A Real Analog Wonder Amp

We may have been seriously working at improving digital domain audio solutions but we do not forget that we are one of the last existing companies who started analog high end audio 35 years ago.

Among the most faithful of our customers, a majority still uses analog electronics and there is no way we will not help them getting better ones. Our amplifier technology has always remained analog just because it sounds better and we will continue developing the best power amplifiers in the world based on an extremely deep yet still increasing knowledge of the analog field.

When we initially announced the Telos 280, the goal was clear: provide a greatly improved successor to the Mimesis 28 who was and remains our best-selling amplifier ever. The Telos 280, like its ancestor is a strictly analog stereo amplifier that has benefited of our latest circuit development. More accurate, more transparent, more dynamic than its illustrious predecessor, it can easily show how much research we have put in the analog amplification domain. Initially made available only in Asia, we received so many appraisals for that baby that we decided to improve it again and make it available worldwide.

A serious improvement that the people who have seen the early model will notice immediately is the balanced input that we provide in addition to the regular unbalanced RCA analog input. This was not present in the first release. Requested by number of customers who do not have a Goldmund preamplifier (The Mimesis 27.8 is the 280’s perfect match and we recommend connecting it by the RCA input), it allows them to match the Telos 280 to their favorite preamplifier and cables.

The second obvious change is a much larger heat sink. Why have we changed the heat sink? One of the secrets of the Telos 280’s extraordinary sound quality is that we make it run quite hot at the output junction’s level (the (in)famous secret of Class A !). By slightly increasing the Bias and doubling the heat sink cooling capability, we made this more easily achieved without risking temperature overload when the amplifier is pushed to its limits.

Telos 280 Analog Stereo Amplifier

The Micro Metis Active Wireless

It is the cutest little speaker but its performance and sound quality will astound you. The Micro Metis is available for order and will be delivered during this month.

The system is extra simple:

A pair of Micro Metis and a dongle that you just plug to your computer.

It will be a relief for many to finally have quality speakers for their computer but the Micro Metis can also complete a Metis system as conveniently installable wireless rear speakers.

Worldwide Events

Richcom AV - Highly Successful Press Conference to Present Goldmund in Hong Kong & China

A few months ago, we made the announcement of our new distribution partnership for Hong Kong and China with Richcom Audio Video Co., Ltd.

Last March, Richcom AV organized a full day press conference for the new launching of the brand. Extremely professionally organized, the event filled a room with journalists and dealers from Hong Kong and China.

A perfect demonstration of the Logos 1N2N was proposed to the audience as well as a presentation of the brand by Mr. Winky Tse of Richcom and Mr. Michel Reverchon.   Congratulations to the Richcom AV team and many thanks for this extremely successful event.

Jefferson Hifi Annual Show at the Bristol Hotel

This year again the Jefferson Hifi Video team organized a presentation of numerous Goldmund products at the luxurious Hotel Bristol in Paris on April 20 and 21. A demonstration of the Logos 1N2N was also made to customers who were truly thrilled by the high performance and quality of this system.  

Congratulations to the Jefferson Hifi video for this event, it was a true success.

Marketing News

Goldmund and the media

This month again the Apologue Anniversary is the big star. Below we have provided a list of some of the websites that published articles on this truly exceptional product. Click on the following to read these articles:

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