Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.171, February 2014

Product News

The Goldmund Metis Tower

Another new speaker from Goldmund is approaching the production benches of our factory.

Slim and extremely elegant with its gold plated top, the Metis Tower answers the increasing demand for high quality lifestyle products.  It is active and wireless so extremely easy to install and use.  All you need is an USB dongle (it is delivered with the Metis Tower) or a Goldmund Processor for more elaborate set ups (several sources and/or multichannel system).

It is the first “tower style” speaker by Goldmund but it maintains the company’s look thanks to its typical aluminum finish and suits any decor with its very classic lines.

Goldmund Mimesis PH3.8 "Phono Preamplifier "

After many years and many requests from distributors and final customers, Goldmund is glad to introduce a new phono preamplifier that will delight the most demanding audiophiles: The Mimesis PH3.8.   This unit will be an upgraded version of the Mimesis PH3 Phono Preamplifier, acclaimed for being extremely clean, detailed, and lively.

The Mimesis PH3.8 will look just like the Mimesis PH3 in the picture above with slight changes on the front panel switches. Final pictures will soon be available for viewing.   The Mimesis PH 3.8 will be available in March.  

Worldwide Events

Report on the Los Angeles Goldmund Event

Goldmund was pleased to welcome their distributors to the Goldmund House. This year, two distributors received awards for their astonishing work in 2013.

  • High End Research for the best 2013 sales


  • Jefferson Hifi Video for the opening of the first multichannel Showroom in Europe.

Inside Goldmund

Chinese New Year

Goldmund would like to send out Chinese New Year greetings as we celebrate the year of the horse.

Marketing News

Goldmund & the Media

Goldmund continues to make an international appearance on the following magazines.

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And last but not least, our favorite advertisement for the beginning of the year:

Congratulations to the Audio Gallery Marketing Team!