Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.189, January 2017

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The Metis 7 Integrated Amplifier Reviewed by

the goldmund Metis 7 Integrated Amplifier

The First Product Review Of 2017 Is Music To Our Ears. It was published on the Metis 7 by On-Mag and written by Pierre-Yves Matton. It is in French but we have translated a short part of it below :   "...we find very quickly the Goldmund genes in terms of finesse and elegance of the sound. On this point, the products of the brand are incomparable. Listening becomes "obvious", with a magnificent setting of the timbres, and exemplary neutrality. The Metis 7 is so easy to listen that it is disconcerting; it is fluid and follows the music with a rare suppleness and a sublime distinction."   You can read the full article here.