Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.192, September 2017

Worldwide Events

Goldmund and Lamborghini - The Meeting Of Two Passions

When passions meet, an unforgettable experience comes to life. This is what Lamborghini customers discovered last week when the Italian Speedster brand welcomed Goldmund products in its Mulhouse (France) Showroom for the presentation of the Prologos wireless speakers, Mimesis 11 Hub and Eidos 17 player.

Many were astonished by the quality of sound of the Prologos playing in an environment that was basically a wide hall with absolutely no acoustic treatment. Pure sound and extreme speed have high technology engineering in common, and this was the first aspect that seduced them. They were also impressed by the practicality of the system and wireless feature. Lastly, Lamborghini customers are very sensitive to design and it seems the originality of the Goldmund speakers structure was also an important element for them.

We want to congratulate the Jefferson Hifi Video team for their work in France that pushed a famous brand like Lamborghini to invite Goldmund into their very private world.

And if you want to hear the deep sound of a beautiful Lamborghini car, watch the video filmed during the event (in French): click here (video credit - Charles Torno).

The ProLogos Speakers At The Indulgence Show - London

Goldmund Indulgence Show

The ProLogos wireless speakers will be demonstrated at the Indulgence Show in London with Innuos music servers as a source.

The Indulgence organizers define their show as “an exciting luxury audio and lifestyle experience featuring the world’s best home and portable audio entertainment solutions alongside lifestyle products to indulge yourself with”. Very Goldmund indeed!

You’ll be able to listen to the ProLogos in room 24 on the 3rd floor from the 29th of September to the 1st of October.

For more information on the show, please click here.