Latest News, No.177, January 2015

Richcom Opens A Splendid Goldmund Home Theater In Hong Kong

It is in the Miramar shopping Center in Kowloon that Richcom recently opened its new showroom. The system is a logos multichannel one. It comprises 10 logoswalls, 10 subwalls and 3 logos 3 Active kits. With a more qualitative sound than even professional installations, this room transports its audience deep into the action of their favorite movies.   With a very refined style, this showroom atmosphere reminds the Logos room installed at Jefferson Hifi in France - A smart choice to start a coherent presentation of the brand worldwide.

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The New Logos Tower Wireless

The new Logos Tower is now available! The Logos Tower is the perfect model if you want a discreet yet powerful speaker. A bit wider and taller than the Metis tower, it also comes with the Goldmund logo engraved top gold plate and the typical Goldmund aluminum finish.

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a review of the Eidos 17, Mimesis 16.5 and ProLogos Plus Wireless .

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January 2015

a spotlight on the Apologue Anniversary

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December 2014

a review of the Telos Headphone Amplifier

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