Latest News, No.188, November 2016

NEW: Goldmund Presents The Logos Sukha

Goldmund Logos Sukha

Sukha is a word used to describe “the wisdom that allows us to see the world as it is, without veils or distortions. It is the joy of moving toward inner freedom”*. In Pali, Sukha means happiness and ease, bliss or pleasure, and that is exactly what our engineers meant to create when designing this speaker.

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Goldmund Participates To The International Jewelry And Watch Exhibition in Tokyo

Japanese VIP customers of the luxury department store Mitsukoshi had the pleasure of discovering Goldmund at The International Jewelry And Watch Exhibition on the 4th of November.   This very exclusive show can be entered only by invitation and the average price of the products presented is around 10 million Japanese Yen and up.

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