Latest News, No.175, October 2014

Goldmund Sponsors the Singapore Digital Fashion Week 2014

digital fashion week and Goldmund

The Digital Fashion Week is Asia’s highest profile designer showcase. It takes place once a year in Singapore and Bangkok in October/November, and is the only fashion event that promotes the best young fashion designers through events and digital platforms in Asia. It is the world's first shoppable live streaming fashion week, collaborating with key partners YouTube, Google+ and Twitter to bring the latest fashion to consumers in real-time.

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Goldmund Exhibits For The First Time Ever At The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver

For the first time ever, Goldmund will be exhibiting at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver. The system presented will include the Prologos Wireless, the Mimesis 11 Hub and the new Eidos 17. You can visit us room 541, on the 5th floor of the Marriott Tower.

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The Telos Headphone Amplifier Receives The Blue Moon Award For Truly Superlative Performance

We are proud to announce that the Telos Headphone Amplifier received the Blue Moon Award for Truly Superlative Performance. The award was attributed after a review of the amplifier by Mr. Srajan Ebaen, Pubisher at

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