Metis Talisman

Metis Talisman - Hub

The Goldmund Talisman is a discreet and elegant mini wireless hub. With its USB port, analog and digital RCA inputs, it connects all sources, including TV’s through S/PDIF. In addition, it comes with a headphone plug.

The Talisman can be used with any wireless Goldmund speakers, even the largest and most prestigious ones. It is a typical lifestyle product, easy to install and small enough to fit anywhere (18 W x 11.6 D x 59 H – cm). It will seduce customers who want to equip a small room, need a desk audio system, or are reluctant to invest in bulky electronics for their Goldmund speakers.

It is delivered with a simplistic remote control and has push buttons for input selection and volume on the back panel.

Different colors are proposed for the standard version of the Talisman: Pearly White, Black, Clear Grey and Anthracite Grey. Two luxury finishes are also available on demand: Goldmund Aluminum and Matt Gold.

For those who are only satisfied with unique products, bespoke Gold and Rhodium plated versions can be created for this model, as well as completely personalized designs with inlaid gemstones.

    • Nominal line voltage: 117V or 234 V (both accepted - no selection needed).
    • Input voltage range: +/- 15 %.
    • 500 mA delayed fuse
    • Rate power consumption: 15 W
    • Volume buttons (+/-)
    • Input selection button
    • Linear Led indicator
    • 3 digital inputs:
      • In1 RCA spdif
      • In2 USB Audio Class 2.0 (no driver required on Mac OS X as of v.10.6.4 nor on Linux, driver required only for Windows)
      • In3 Toslink optical
      • Input 2 can receive stereo audio encoded signal up to 384 kHz/Bit depth up to 32 compatible DSD over PCM.
    • 1 analog input:
      • In4 RCA 2-channel
    • Wireless outputs 4 channels max
    • Headphone mini jack
    • 18 W x 11.6 D x 59 H (cm) (METIS TALISMAN)
    • 14 W x 11 D x 39 H (cm) (external power supply)
    • 3 Kg (METIS TALISMAN + power supply)
    • 3 years, parts and labor.