Metis Wireless

Metis Wireless - Speaker

Their finish is of extreme luxury, with 100% hand crafting, using processes designed for high end precision watch manufacture. This together with the use of hand soldering processes in Switzerland, completely metamorphoses the concept of speakers construction, especially when compared with usual mass-market components. The speakers are molded in aluminum, providing a perfect "Mechanical Grounding". They use built-in double Telos amplification (2 x 175 W) with electronic crossover.

A complete Leonardo correction with Proteus is available with the latest version of the Metis when the speakers are used with the Metis 10 Universal Preamplifier. Their sound is ultra-transparent and detailed for music but the Metis Speakers also perfectly bear extreme home-theater experiences.

A range of ìn-wall Metis speakers will be announced in the future. This new range of speakers will open the same possibility to hide part or the totality of the equipment in-wall, continuing to provide the same any décor advantage that Proteus offers to the most ambitious Goldmund Media Rooms.

The Goldmund Metis Line

The Goldmund Metis is a line of products created by the company to answer the needs of a new lifestyle, of new ways of listening to music and of new quality standards in home theater. The Goldmund Metis is also an affordable way to benefit from the Goldmund technological expertise and products quality. The Goldmund Metis series presents a combination of mechanical construction using aluminum profiles created especially for efficient "Mechanical Grounding", and advanced electronic design focused on maximum miniaturization and integration. The extremely high performance of this line of components was achieved thanks to the advanced technologies developed in our high-end and ultimate lines. This expertise had never been used in small speakers and electronic equipment before.

Easy to install and to use, the Goldmund Metis system works perfectly with computers and portable audio devices thanks to the USB connection provided in its universal preamplifier. It offers numerous configuration possibilities that make it the ideal system for music, gaming, or home theater applications. With up to 10 channels, the Metis system sound quality provides a hyper realistic audio environment with an incredibly well defined surround image. The unbelievable level of performance provided by the Goldmund Metis comes from the fact that the system is also supported by the Proteus technology used in the Goldmund Media Room.

    • Fully constructed in metal with implementation of the mechanical grounding system to evacuate vibrations.
    • 5” woofer and soft dome tweeter, both selected for their high linearity and dynamics.
    • Frequency response: 60Hz - 25kHz
    • Built-In 2 x 175 W Telos Amplifier per unit
    • Rated Power Consumption 240 W per unit
    • Amplifier dynamic Range: > 100 dB (no weighting)
    • Digital input & Wireless audio stream from USB dongle
    • Digital output
    • Nominal range: 117V or 234V (+/-10%)
    • Fuses: 8A slow-blow type for 110V & 220V
    • 20 W x 27.5 H x 26 D (cm) - 14 kg net
    • 3 years parts and labor.