Mimesis 32.5

Mimesis 32.5 - Processor

The Mimesis 32.5 is the Reference version of the new Goldmund preamplifiers family. A successor to the Mimesis 24, it has a much higher DSP power that will allow it to handle the most advanced configurations such as the ones used in the Goldmund Media Room. Its 3 x A/D converters of highest quality will allow all kind of possible connections both in 2-channel and Home Theater environments. This new version comes with 4 HDMI inputs. It can distribute any number of speakers in a room in order to achieve maximum coverage in both bandwidth and space recreation. This innovation has totally surpassed today's limits, achieving levels of reality never thought possible before.

With the acoustic corrections brought by our Proteus software, the Mimesis 32.5 room correction capabilities are endless and unique in the industry. Compatible with all kind of sources, outputting 32 channels in 96kHz 24 bits high resolution digital format, the Mimesis 32.5 will rapidly become the reference preamplifier-controller of any ultra-high-level Audio and Video system, even in 2 channels.

By outputting only digital signals, it allows large installations to run only digital cables, with far less quality loss than with analog interconnects.

The Mimesis 32.5 offers the ultra high quality Goldmund "Mechanical Grounding" construction using brass, aluminum and hard steel in a traditional Swiss precision assembly.

    • 10 digital inputs:
      • In1 RCA spdif
      • In2 Toslink optical
      • In3 RCA spdif / XLR aes-ebu
      • In4 Toslink optical / RCA spdif
      • In5 RCA spdif / ATT connector
      • In6 USB AUDIO (up to 96kHz / 24bit pcm stereo only)
      • In7 to In10 HDMI input
      • USB CONTROL, used for configuration
      • RS232, external control system
      • Any inputs from 1 to 6 and 7-10 can receive multi-channel encoded signal and audio signal up to 96kHz.
    • 4 analog inputs:
      • In11 & In12 RCA 2-channel
      • In13 RCA 2-channel --> Direct Out
      • In14 RCA 6-channel
    • 16 Digital RCA SPDIF outputs with 2 channels for each.
    • 1 HDMI output to connect a video display or a processor.
    • Front panel and remote-control adjustable level control with more than 65dB range and 0.05dB accuracy in the 0 to -34dB range.
    • 2 IR Jack output, IR2 & IR3, for other device control
    • RC5 Standard remote system compatible with standard programmable remote control transmitter (codes available on request)
    • Volume and balanced control
    • Selection of the source
    • Remote muting and standby
    • Balance and Pink noise
    • Output Format selection
    • 2 knobs for input selection and volume control
    • Numeric displays for input selection
    • Numeric displays for volume
    • Direct Led format, balance and function display
    • Nominal line voltage: 117V or 234 V (switchable).
    • Input voltage range: +/- 10 %.
    • Maximum power consumption: 50 W.
    • Use an 1,6 A delayed fuse.
    • 440 W x 400 D x 165 H (mm). Weight: 25 kg.
    • 3 years, parts and labor.