Support - Frequently Asked Questions

I need T3 and T5 spare belts, do you keep them in stock?

We do keep T3 and T5 spare belts in stock (the only part that should wear out in a well maintained tone arm). Kindly order them from your closest Goldmund authorized retailer.

I need information on settings or have a specific question about servicing my unit(s)

We will be glad to help. Your first point of contact is your local representative.

In order to answer your request appropriately, Goldmund/its representative will need to receive the following information:

  • The serial Number of the product
  • The symptom of the fault (and any associated background information)
  • The date of Purchase
  • The place of Purchase
  • Your country of residency
  • Details on the full system you currently use, including other Goldmund products.

If there is no local representative or if referred to us, please include all of this information in an e-mail to This will enable us to provide the quickest response.

Can I order Goldmund products directly from the factory?

Goldmund has carefully selected retailers throughout the world to distribute its products and provide service to its clients. If you live in a country where Goldmund has a distributor or retailer, we will not be able to sell products directly to you. If there is no Goldmund retailer in your country, please contact us directly at

My Dialog or SuperDialog speakers are worn, can you help?

We are glad you have been enjoying your Goldmund speakers for more than 20 years now! Although we no longer have replacement parts in stock after so much time, we recommend anyone needing repaired or replacement Focal Speakers for the the old Dialog or SuperDialog series to contact Zalytron in the USA (New York). The reference of the original speaker is T120FC.

Contact Details:

  • Tel: +1 516 747 3515

Are spare/upgrade modules still available?

The following commonly requested service modules are currently available via your local Goldmund representative:

  • Job 4 power supply module
  • Job 2005
  • Module A1, A2, A20, S1
  • Mimesis 20M AFM (Audio Filter Module)
  • Mimesis 20M DAM (Digital Analog Module)
  • Mimesis 39 DA2
  • SR DA2
  • Alize 3 DA
  • Alize 4 DA
  • Alize 6 DA
  • Alize 67 DA
  • Alize 7 DA

The following modules are no longer readily available:

  • Job 3 Power Module (replaced by Job 4)
  • Module DA-1A
  • Module DA-20
  • Mimesis 10 module
  • Millennium disk-on module

I own a Mimesis 16 and an Epilogue 1 Signature. How do I use them together? Do I need some specific softwares?

No, you do not need any specific software, but you have to ask your Goldmund Authorized Retailer for the specific configuration file. This configuration file can be uploaded into the Mimesis 16 with the standard configurator software. The configuration file contains the Epilogue 1 Signature crossover filter and the related Leonardo parameters. However, you must carefully respect the wiring instruction and not try to change any filter parameters.

I bought a Goldmund product from a Goldmund retailer in one country and I now live in another country. Is the warranty still valid?

Yes, the warranty is still valid but can only be provided by the retailer from whom you bought your product. This implies that in order to get your unit fixed under the warranty, you will have to ship it back to the retailer you bought it from. Shipment will be at your expense.

Any Goldmund retailer can also service your product in your new country of residency but the warranty will not apply and you will have to pay for the repair.

The most recent Goldmund products integrate a circuit that detects country changes. This has implications for your warranty as explained above but your unit might also lock itself and not function in your new country of residency. Only an authorized Goldmund retailer can re-program the unit to function in a new country.

What damping oil should I use for my T3 or T5 tone arm?

If you need damping oil for the tone arm, use pure liquid paraffin (such as Johnson's baby oil).

Can you send me information about setting up my T3 or T5 tone arm?

Goldmund produced two models of straight line tone-arms called the T3 (or T3B or T3F) and the T5. The common difficulty is in the setup of the tone arm rather than in its construction. Without a trained technician who knows how to set them up, they may malfunction. Additionally, shipping such delicate equipment unavoidably damages the adjustments further. The best solution is to find a specialist local mechanical technician who understands how the tone arm functions and is able to model or find substitutes for replacement parts.

What is the real power of Goldmund amplifiers ?

The Goldmund fans have always been asking for the “real power” of their Goldmund amplifiers, confused by the various standard and the various published figures. In fact, most of existing norms are totally useless to represent the “real” power of an audio amplifier in its real usage. Music been made of transients, essentially, Goldmund has always been measuring an amp by its capacity to deliver a short transient. We called it the “Power before clipping at 8 Ohms”, but it was too imprecise.

Finally, the Goldmund research team decided to create a norm that anybody could use with a simple equipment and which could be considered reasonably representative of the amp capability, FPP (Fast Pulse Power before clipping). Here is a brief description of our measurement technique :

  1. The amp is loaded by 8 pure resistors, high wattage
  2. The signal sent is a burst of one sinus period, 10kHz with a repetition factor of 100Hz (we use an HP 33120A generator)
  3. The signal amplitude is raised until distortion climbs to 0.1%
  4. The Power is then the measure made on the resistor with an oscilloscope (we use a Tektronix TDS2024)
  5. The AC voltage reference is set to 117/234V and controlled during the measure.

This is it. Now you know what we do when we tell you that the Mimesis 29.4 is capable of 610W/8Ohms before clipping on transient.

What is the difference between "delays" and "video delay" parameters in the Mimesis 16 configurator?

The "video delay" parameter is used to synchronize audio and video signals if the video signal is delayed in your system, for example by a video scaler. This delay is global and added to each output. Leave it at 0ms if you do not use any video signal.

I want to buy a vintage studio or studietto. Is there anything I should be especially careful about?

Our early production of the Goldmund Studio and Studietto turntables used a motor made by Pabst in Germany. This motor was discontinued in the early 80s by its manufacturer with limited service possibilities. We changed the motor for a JVC one which we still have in stock for service. Any turntable using the early motor will be unusable when the motor stops working and we have no way to help, the original manufacturer not providing even spare parts. The Pabst motor is easily recognizable being in one part, with very thin loose wire connecting it to the front panel of the turntable. The JVC motor, however, was made in two separate parts - motor and electronic board. These were covered under the suspended top plate of the turntable by a thin molded plastic black cover and attached to the front panel by a flat cable. We strongly encourage all buyers not to buy products with the Pabst version since the motors are now well over 20 years old and cannot be repaired.

Do you have any advice on refurbishing and servicing vintage Goldmund turntables and tone arms?

Goldmund established a reputation for extreme high-end record players and tone arms in the early years of its history between 1977 and 1987. With the decline of the vinyl market, Goldmund stopped manufacturing these products. Nevertheless, a considerable number are still in use over 25 years later and many have become collector's items.

Despite their strong construction, after so many years of operation some need service or refurbishment. With the growth of this "vintage" market, we are receiving an increasing number of requests for assistance and parts for these products, but now unfortunately, we are having more and more difficulties in satisfying them. This is in part because this growth has consumed our service support stocks. There were also many models and some records were not then maintained to current standards (in those pre-computer records days, hard-copy records were not as easily archived, and although we have many long-serving staff, providing remote support cannot rely on memory alone).

Added to this, Goldmund was a very small company in those days and subcontracted specialist parts production. Some of these companies no longer exist so spare parts production can be costly and sometimes even impossible. Most tone arm and turntable support requests are now for restoration services. This is a very different set of skills than used in manufacturing. We do however try assist enthusiasts and collectors from around the world. Units that need to be restored have to be sent to the Goldmund factory for a full diagnostic and repair, if the conditions of the products allow it.

Can you restore my T3 tone arm?

Should you wish to send a T3 tone arm to us for restoration (please no turntables), the packing quality is extremely critical. Never leave a counterweight assembled and always remove the cartridge. The tone arm should be attached to the pilot arm by the special clamp or at least be taped to it. It is especially important that we receive both the tone arm and its control unit (for T3). Finally, please be aware of the high cost of manufacture if we have to redo any of the tone arm parts. On return you will need to setup the tone arm, which is not easy. This is an exercise for real collectors only!

A few notes worth reading:

  • If you are missing the tone arm control box, the arm alone is worth nothing.
  • If you are missing the turntable power supply, you may use any DC 24V power supply without losing too much quality. It may even be unregulated.
  • For turntable springs we have some universal (red) ones but very few are left.
  • If the suspension pod is broken, we need a sample or good photographs, because many different ones existed over the years.
  • For T3 tone arm shells, we have only the ceramic shells left (the last ones we used).

Goldmund Support Area

For repairs and service, lease contact your local Goldmund representative, which you can find in our Store Locator page.