Fundamental Research and Technology

Heritage & Craftsmanship

At Goldmund, we offer cutting edge products that are technologically advanced, of exceptional quality and superior performance because we aspire to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced technologies.

Goldmund has an established brand reputation as an industry expert and has been a successful manufacturer and distributor in the business of high-end electronics for more than 30 years. Our brand symbolizes luxury and engineering excellence. Developed in Geneva, Goldmund is strongly influenced by its country of origin: Switzerland; a country known for its blend of tradition and modernity. The Swiss heritage and culture has forever been associated with traditional craftsmanship. The Swiss are known for being highly organized and meticulous and also for their skills and know-how at developing superior products associated with quality, durability and precision.

These qualities are reflected in all of our products and they represent the guiding principles at Goldmund. We are proud of our heritage and savoir-faire.

Fundamental Research and Technology

Our company’s enduring belief is that perfection can only be attained through meticulous, dedicated and patient hard work and study. For this reason, we have always made a significantly higher investment in research and development in comparison to other companies.

Our engineers are collaborating with research organizations such as the CNRS (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique) in France or the AES (Audio Engineering Society) to name a few, and developing technical partnerships with other audio companies who wish to use our expertise for their products.

In a century of commoditization and mass market, Goldmund stands out as the company that decided to make audio technologies progress even at the cost of new fundamental research which is beyond the means of most other high end companies.

For more than three decades we have been developing our own technologies, rather than adopting pre-existing ones. We have also registered several patents and licenses of our own and created new technologies such as the ones presented in this section.

Technology and Customer Satisfaction

Fundamental research is not a goal in itself. Its results, applied to the development of our products, give us the competence to manufacture equipment that provides from far the highest performance on the High End market.

Mastering the technologies listed above also enables us to offer our clients a level of system customization that is nowhere to be found. No music room or home theater project is the same and in order to reach the closest level to perfection, a system must be adapted to several very important elements in the environment in which it will be placed. The acoustic characteristics of the room itself, the décor of the room, the speakers used (Goldmund or other brands), the listening point within the room, the different uses of the room (music only, games, movies, teleconference) are taken in to consideration in the design of systems that are customized both in the choice of the appropriate equipment but also in the digital programming of its output performance.

The link between high technology and luxury is very clear in our product development strategy. Technology serves the purpose of exceptional performance, extreme customization, ease of use, service rapidity and efficiency.