Proteus Technology


The primary objective of the Proteus project was to develop a technology that would allow us to make the most perfect speaker on earth.

This took the company 7 years of painstaking research and development efforts and resulted in the creation of the Epilogue 1 Signature. Our acoustic laboratory was prompt to discover that Proteus could also be applied to many other speakers (even those manufactured by other brands), optimizing their performance.

Many tests have been performed by High End specialists where the performance and sound qualities of the same system are compared with and without the Proteus Technology. They are unanimous on the improvements brought and some have qualified Proteus as “The most powerful invention in audio history”.

High End professionals and customers’ comments on the enhancements provided by Proteus and Leonardo have been listed below:

  • Incredible spaciousness,
  • Each instrument is positioned at its correct place,
  • Complete stability of the image,
  • Perfectly well defined trebles,
  • Extremely neat bass,
  • Ultra high definition and precision in the voices,
  • Higher playback levels without distortion,
  • No fatigue to the listener, even at extremely high levels,
  • Ultra-realistic surround image in multichannel systems

What this means in short is that a system using Proteus provides the most lifelike sound that anyone has ever heard.

The Proteus technology is used in all recent Goldmund Speakers and Acoustic Processors.

Leonardo, a revolutionary technology that allows correcting the time distortion in crossovers, is integral part of Proteus.

Download the white paper below for additional information on Proteus.