Leonardo© Time Correction


In audio more than any other domain, time is of the essence. A proper time alignment is crucial in what we call the Recognition Factor, which is the ability of our brain to recognize a sound as real (high recognition factor) vs. reproduced (low recognition factor).

The time alignment technology used in Proteus is called the Leonardo© Time Correction. In a system that does not use time correction the listener’s brain concentrates on reconstructing the time alignment of a sound that it perceives as un-natural (time distortion does not exist in nature).

In a system that includes a Leonardo© configuration, this action is performed by the audio system itself, leaving the brain focus on the music itself and on the true emotion that a completely natural sound brings to each passionate music listener.

A Leonardo© configuration is a digital file used by the Goldmund processor. The file’s parameters are calculated based on the speaker’s technical specifications. All recent Goldmund speakers function with Leonardo© configurations as part of the Proteus technology.

For more technical insights on Leonardo©, download the white paper below.