Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.145, December 2010

Worldwide Events

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Goldmund team is delighted to wish all our readers a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR. May 2011 bring you continued success, happiness, excellent health and prosperity.

Goldmund is Going Green With A New Building in Geneva

The New Goldmund Center in Geneva

Expected since 2007, the new Goldmund Center in Geneva will finally open its doors on March 1st 2011. Located in the most coveted Geneva Business Park, with neighbors like Rolex, Patek Philippe, or the Geneva Ferrari distributor, the new Goldmund Building is the edifice constructed with the highest Green technologies in the area.

It is the first building in the world awarded with the Minergie® label that exclusively uses the innovative heating and cooling technology of fan coil units. Minergie® is a sustainability brand for new and refurbished buildings. It is mutually supported by the Swiss Confederation, the Swiss Cantons along with Trade and Industry and is registered in Switzerland and around the world. 

The building has been designed so its colors evoke the glaciers. This effect was made possible thanks to the construction of a ventilated glass façade. With its revolutionary construction technology, its low energy consumption, the highest Internet speed connection in existence, highest noise isolation, it provides Goldmund with a perfect incubator for its most advanced future products.

Goldmund is getting greener, but also bigger. The company will initially use a little more than 10'000 square feet to lodge its product assembly lines, its Research & Development department and associated laboratories.

The new building will also provide the perfect location for the organization of press presentations, training sessions and visitors’ demonstrations.

A New Technical Director at Goldmund

The Goldmund family is growing again. Mr. Olivier Schmitt started working with us this month as our new Technical Director. Hiring Olivier is making a definitive accent towards advanced technology development.

With an engineering background and a MBA degree, Mr. Schmitt will manage the Research & Development department so as to structure and develop the scientific core competence of the Group, to closely watch new technologies with a critical scientific approach and to optimize the Product to Market process.

The Goldmund team sends a warm welcome to Mr. Schmitt!

Mr. Olivier Schmitt - Technical Director at Goldmund

Product News

The Mimesis 32 Latest Multi-Channel Innovation

A very accurate 7.1 playback is the latest addition coming to the Mimesis 32 superior surround management. Thanks to the unique "Surround Accuracy" algorithm, patented by Goldmund, the Mimesis 32 is capable of playing real 7.1-channel far more accurately than any other processor, providing another proof of the superiority of the Goldmund Acoustic Processors.

Having speakers properly located was a burden in 5.1 for Goldmund competition. It became a nightmare in 7.1. But the Goldmund solution, using our exclusive "Surround Accuracy" patented algorithm, allows far more flexible speakers location and shows a far more accurate surround reproduction even if the speakers are positioned improperly.

And by early 2011, an even more accurate 7.1-channel playback will become part of the standard Mimesis 32 software.

Goldmund Mimesis 32

More Affordable Media Rooms Are Around the Corner

After the introduction of 2010 of many new Metis products, providing our less wealthy customers with an entry point to the Goldmund quality, the most extreme Goldmund product, the Media Room, will progressively become more economical and less dependent on installation experts.

For 2011, a noteworthy drop of price is to be expected, and the installation process will benefit from a significant simplification. A complete automation will allow large Media Rooms to be sold and installed by any installer as it is the case for most of our competitors’ solutions. However, Media Room systems will remain under the complete control of the Proteus modeling software so their sonic result continues being far ahead of the competition.

Is Goldmund becoming not only better but also cheaper?

Media Room