Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.149, May 2011

Worldwide Events

Proteus Systems Are Spreading Throughout the World

Back from the Munich High End Show, it is clear that Proteus is THE subject of discussions amongst our distributors, speaker manufacturers and that you, as final users, are increasingly curious about what this technology is about.

We do not want to go into lengthy scientific explanations of the Proteus technology (although these are available if you would want to read them) but want to focus here on what benefits it brings to your system. We propose below a list of some of our customers’ comments on the enhancements provided by Proteus:

  • Incredible spaciousness,
  • Each instrument positioned at its correct place,
  • Complete stability of the image,
  • Perfectly well defined trebles,
  • Extremely neat bass,
  • Ultra high definition and precision in the voices…

We are convinced of the fact that the only way to prove the incredible results of this technology is simply to demonstrate it. Series of listening sessions started in 2010 in Singapore and in Tokyo. This year we are accelerating the path with new demonstrations, trainings, and systems installations so you can test Proteus in many more places. The best example we can mention is that of Audio Gallery in Korea (se the pictures above), where all demo rooms are equipped with Proteus systems.

So the effects of Proteus are clear, demonstration processes have been standardized to give you the possibility to listen to a system with and without the Proteus corrections and make your own judgment.

Demonstrations also include various speaker brands and models. We know you love your speakers, and would not dare asking you to change them. This incited us to create customized Proteus configurations that you can use with your favorite speakers.

We encourage you to contact your local distributors for a demonstration and will welcome your comments on this experience.

If you then decide that you want to use Proteus with your system (and we believe you will be convinced), the next steps are simple. You will need:

  • A Goldmund Acoustic Processor (Mimesis 16, Mimesis 16HD, Mimesis 32 or Metis 10).
  • Goldmund Power amplifiers.

The choice of these units will obviously depend on your system (2-channel or multichannel) and on the type of speakers you are using.

Our representatives worldwide will be able to advise you on a configuration that will suit your needs and bring the highest level of quality that you expect from a Goldmund Proteus System. Do not hesitate to contact them. (

Jefferson Hifi & Video Show in Paris

The Goldmund Show organized in Paris by Jefferson Hifi Video in April was just another example of how effective our new demonstration tools are. This time, Goldmund electronics (Telos 350, Mimesis 16) were used with the Focal Stella speakers. Once again, customers who attended the show were simply immediately persuaded of the superiority of our technologies; not thanks to long talks on how we do it, but just thanks to what they heard (and we just demonstrated the system with and without Leonardo, not with a full Proteus).

A Metis system was also presented and greatly surprised the public and the press by its performance. According to Cinenow, “this small system works wonders, with a presence – for such a large room – that is most impressive.” (see the full article in French in the “Goldmund & the Media” section).

Marketing News

Goldmund People

This month, Duy-Hieu Lam

Hieu has been part of the Goldmund team for 11 years.

He is the loudspeaker specialist in the company who started with the Logos and is now working on the latest version of the Epilogue 3 Signature.

His many years of experience conferred him the utmost talent for the meticulous assembly of mechanical parts and an incredible precision for wiring.

As for him, the Epilogue 3 is the most difficult speaker to manufacture due to the number of parts that it comprises, the complexity of the assembly work, and obviously, the heavy weight of this monster!


Goldmund and the Media

A few articles published this month

Noblesse Magazine, Korea: An interview of Michel Reverchon.

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Cinenow, France: An article on the Goldmund days at the Hotel Bristol, in French.

Click here to read the article, Spain: A product feature on the Reference II by Gillermo Reparaz.

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Noblessse website, Korea: A feature on the Metis line.

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