Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.153, October 2011

Product News

The New Epilogue 3 Signature Version

Goldmund Full Epilogue

The Epilogue 3 Signature is the new full Epilogue system subwoofer. It is an infra-subwoofer producing extremely low frequencies. Some of them, below 20HZ, are not even audible by the human hear but their magic resides in the fact that you can physically feel them. By producing profound vibrations, the Epilogue 3 Signature leads your musical experience to another dimension where the perfection of sound matches the intensity of your sensations; this without saturating the room with inaccurate “boominess”.

The Epilogue 3 Signature will bring stereo systems performance to another level and is also particularly recommended for Home Theater applications because it perfectly reproduces the infrasonic part of the LFE signal. It was designed to allow the use of Proteus software configurations that permit a full customization of a stereo or multichannel system (optimal configuration based on the room where the system is located, precise speaker positioning, listening position etc…).

The Epilogue 3 Signature comes with a Telos built in amplifier with 500 Watts maximum power based on the Telos 350 circuit and with an Alize 6 converter. The tremendous speed of the Epilogue 3S and the very tight control provided by its built-in amplifier are providing a much tighter, lighter almost airy sound to this critical range of frequencies, even at extreme levels.

Its look is the same as the previous Epilogue 3.

Available for order: Now Delivery: Immediate

Technical specifications follow for your information:

Driver: 15” driver Frequency Bandwidth: 10 Hz - 20 Hz (-10 dB) Speaker System behavior: Acoustic Filter System Speaker’s amplifier: Built in 500 W Rms Telos Amplifier (12 W in standby mode) Distortion: Static: THD < 0.05 % (test conditions: Vin = 1kHz @ 100mV, unweighted) Safety feature: AC voltage fuse: 8 A slow-blow Size and Weight: Weight of the subwoofer: 170 kg Size of the speaker: 520 W x 720 L x 760 H (mm)

The Telos 153/154 Proteus Amplifiers: NEW

Two new Telos amplifiers will be born this year: the Telos 153 (3 channels) and the Telos 154 (4 channels). These amplifiers have been created to function with Proteus in mid-range high end systems and will allow customer with a modest budget to benefit from the Proteus technology at a reasonable price. They will have the size and look of a Telos 250 and avoid the loss of space due to the multiplication of power amplifier units required by Proteus.

They are available for order and will be delivered next December.

The New Metis Universal Player is Available for Order

The new Metis player is planned for delivery in November.

More compact than the Metis C/DVD player, it can be controlled by iPhone or iPad thanks to the new iGoldmund remote.

This small player has most of the features of its big brother, the Eidos 20BD Universal but for a much more reasonable price. With an Oppo 93 inside as well, it plays all formats including 3D.

Marketing News

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