Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.158, May 2012

Worldwide Events

Official Launching Ceremony of Goldmund Japan

Goldmund is proud to announce the creation of Goldmund Japan, its new distribution center in Asia. This new distribution center was created in collaboration with Mr. Junichi Yamazaki, President of Triode Corporation, who has a lifelong experience of the High End industry. It will promote Goldmund with an entirely new approach through the introduction of products that are completely original and technologies developed by Goldmund that have never been introduced to Japanese customers.

Goldmund Japan was officially launched on May 17th with a grand ceremony gathering more than 200 persons.

Product News

Delay in the Telos 390.5 and Mimesis 27.8 Production

We are sorry to announce a delay in the production of the Telos 390.5 and Mimesis 27.8. This is due to the late delivery of specific parts that participate to the new features proposed in these models. We will let you know the new delivery date as soon as possible and apologize for this delay.

The New Logos 1 and 2N Proteus Speakers

Logos 1N & 2N

The first Logos 1N and 2N have been shipped from our factory. Next production is almost sold out so it seems this model will be a big success. The feedback we have had from you so far is excellent both for the price positioning and for the performance. This speaker system has been created to function exclusively with Proteus and Leonardo and provides the highest level of sound quality. In terms of price, it offers an excellent option, located between the Metis speakers and Epilogue 1 and 2 system. The Logos 1and 2N are sold only as active, with digital input only, and can only function with Goldmund processors (Metis 10, Mimesis 15, Mimesis 16/16HD or Mimesis 32). They are thus sold as a full stereo or multichannel system.

Marketing News

Goldmund and the Media

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