Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.163, December 2012

Inside Goldmund

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season

Goldmund Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season

Goldmund People

This month, we would like to introduce Torje Nikolai Thorsen

Nationality: Norwegian Age : 27   An electronic Engineer who studied in France and in Norway, Torje started his career as a weapons technician in the Norwegian army. He has been working for Goldmund at the R&D department for a year as a project manager, focusing on new technologies to be used in our future products but also developing analog electronics, wireless technologies, and setting up measurement tests.   Torje’s preference goes for the development of active speakers’ amplifiers.   Torje’s dream system: The Epilogue 1 Signature, with a Mimesis 16HD, 4 Telos 1000 amplifiers and the Goldmund Reference II.   What’s next for Torje ? He would like to work on a better integration of the DAC and amplifier; the objective being to optimize products performance while shortening the signal path, thus preserving its quality and integrity.

Worldwide Events

INTERACTS: A New Research Project Led with the CTI, Major Swiss Universities and Industry Players

Project name: INTERACTS (Intelligent low-frequeNcy acousTic Equalization of Rooms using Active ConTrol Subwoofers)   Project developed with:

HEPIA, Haute Ecole du Paysage, d’Ingénierie et d’Architecture de Genève (Landscape, Engineering and Architecture University) RELEC SA, Audio manufacturer (owner of PSI Audio) EPFL, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne)

Goldmund Project Manager: Dr. Véronique Adam

Budget: 800K CHF, 3-year plan   Financing: Company participations and contribution from the CTI, (Commission for the Technology and Innovation of the Swiss Confederation)   Research Project Objective: The final objective of the project is to identify and design an optimal active electroacoustic absorber meant to damp the modal frequencies of high-end listening auditorium or studios, while also improving acoustic quality and accuracy. The project proposes an innovative equalization of rooms in the low-frequency range based on active control, in which the loudspeaker diaphragms are used as broadband/variable sound absorbers.

In terms of product, it should result in an embedded active electroacoustic absorbers for small monitor loudspeakers or subwoofers. A strong focus has been placed on the ease of installation of the unit. The INTERACTS Project is being launched this month, with a first phase that will consist in defining the system specifications.

Salon Haute Fidélité, Paris: 30 Goldmund Products Presented by our French Distributor Jefferson Hifi Video

This year again our French Distributor Jefferson Hifi Video participated to the Salon Haute Fidélité organized at the Marriott Hotel in Paris on November 2 and 3. 30 Goldmund models were presented and numerous different demonstrations were made to a large audience, including the latest Logos 1N&2N that seduced each and every listener.   Congratulations to the Jefferson Audio Video Team!

Marketing News

Goldmund & the Media

Goldmund and Bloomberg

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