Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.168, August 2013

Product News

The Audiophile Corner

Goldmund continues its policy of always improving its products over the years even if it is by small steps. However, we found out that very few of these efforts were recognized by our distributors and dealers so customers were unaware of the advanced quality of their products. So we decided to publish regularly about the most important of those improvements. Today here is a small update.

The Mimesis 27.8 Gets A Slightly Modified Rear Panel

To ease their use in bi-amping, the next 27.8 rear panels will display 2 x RCA output connection for each channel. In addition, for those who would use a balanced input amplifier and do not want to use a RCA to XLR cable, an XLR output is also provided.

The Telos 500 Gets An Even More Sophisticated Chassis

Very similar in look to the Telos 600, the 2005 Goldmund’s unforgettable amplifier, The Telos 500 did not only benefit of an improved circuit. It also shows a chassis construction far more advanced, with much improved shielding and ground construction. Look at this extreme magnification of a rear corner to appreciate the precision achieved

All The Goldmund “Rack” Products May Now Receive A Shielding Improvement

In order to minimize noise for low-level signal units, a perfect shielding from the component’s chassis is required. In addition, for safety, a perfect connection to earth of the external parts of a product is mandatory. When chassis were made of folded steel sheet, it was easy. But with the sophisticated plate assembly that Goldmund has progressively generalized, the attachment by screws was more susceptible of variation in the contact quality between the plates.

This is why some bottom screws of preamps, converter, or CD players may now appear with a metal-gripping nut that did not exist before.

The Telos 280 Now Allows Loose Cabling Without Ground Loops

The Telos 280, with only analog inputs is typical of the amplifiers that audiophiles love to use. With 2 built-in channels so it is more economical, but with the latest Telos circuit inside so it is sounding phenomenal, it allows using traditional analog preamplifiers and any kind of exotic cables in between. Problems occur when those interconnect cables are not run very tightly. This is because it creates a ground loop between them, capturing noise. In order to let our audiophile friends experiment with their cables in total silence, we modified the internal wiring to make both channels run as in a perfect dual-mono way. This has been applied on the second batch produced early this year.

Worldwide Events

First Public Demonstration Of The Apologue Anniversary In Taipei: A Great Success

DaChee International made the first public presentation of the Apologue Anniversary on August 15 in Taipei. The DaChee team has prepared a beautiful setting to display these fantastic speakers. The demo room did not empty and numerous journalists attended the listening sessions. The Goldmund engineers had come on site to create a custom configuration for the system and had the opportunity to discuss its technologies with potential customers, some of whom were already owners of the previous version of the Apologue.

Congratulations to DaChee International for the success of this event and thank you for the excellent collaboration of our teams.

Goldmund At The Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show

Another major show took place in Asia early August, the Hong Kong Audio Show. Richcom AV, our new distributor for Hong Kong and China presented many Goldmund products at this event that attracted nearly 10000 visitors every day. Located in the luxurious Grand Hyatt part of the show, visitors came massively to the Goldmund demonstrations with an obvious interest for the technologies developed by Goldmund. An analog and a digital system were presented along with a static display of a large range of our amplifiers.   Congratulations to the Richcom team and many thanks for the organization of this event.  

Marketing News

New Website Toy: The Apologue Anniversary Configurator

Try it, it is fun! You can create your own Apologue online by choosing the color of the boxes, of the grills and of the frames. It is the perfect way to see how the Apologue would fit into your décor. Of course, the configurator only allows a few examples but many more are available - basically, what you need: we do. This is what the Goldmund custom shop is for.   The Goldmund Apologue Anniversary configurator url is: