Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.178, February 2015

Product News

A White Logos Tower

Goldmund logos Tower

A slight change from the typical Goldmund finish, we have made a white Logos Tower. You can request this version from your Goldmund distributors worldwide.

Goldmund will also be releasing new speakers this year with a wide choice of colors. Keep on reading this newsletter to be informed.

Does high-resolution audio sound better

With the recent advent of high-resolution downloads, audiophiles have enthusiastically embraced high-resolution digital audio. Digital-to-analog converters (DACs) are now expected to include high-resolution capability, and are often judged by the maximum digital resolution and file formats they support. High-resolution audio technology has been a standard and expected feature in professional digital audio equipment for more than a decade.

However, audio researchers and scientists have been less eager to embrace high-resolution audio. They point out technical problems with the various formats. They question whether the theoretical advantages of high-resolution audio can have any benefit given the limits of human hearing and the typical listening environment. They point to the fact that the difference between standard-resolution and high-resolution audio is only rarely detectable in controlled, blind listening tests.

Which side is correct? Or is the truth somewhere in between?

To examine the issues and come to a satisfactory conclusion, please read the full white paper written by Brent Butterworth and Goldmund please click here

Marketing News

JJ HIFI, The New Goldmund Distributor For Finland

JJ Hifi Goldmund representative in Finland

We are happy to welcome JJ HIFI as our new distributor in Finland.

JJ Hifi is a very selective company that commits to very few main brands. Their "Hifi Studio" retail chain stores cover five of the biggest market areas in Finland.

This is excellent news that will rejoice all the Goldmund customers in Finland who have been waiting for a competent distributor to take care of them.

We wish the JJ HIFI Team a successful start with our brand and our range of products.