Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.182, June 2015

Worldwide Events

Listen to the Logos Anatta at the 6th Hublot Polo Cup Ascona

Goldmund at the Hublot Polo Cup Ascona

Goldmund is glad to be present at this event that will gather international polo teams in the beautiful Ticino landscape around the Lago Maggiore.

Brazil will be the guest country of this 6th edition of the Hublot Polo Cup. In addition to the Brazilian team playing the cup, the event also features exciting Brazilian nights.

So if you wish to listen to the new logos Anatta, the Ascona Polo Club will be the place to be from the 17th to the 19th of July.

For more information on the Hublot Polo Cup Ascona
 click here.

Experience the Apologue Anniversary

Apologue Anniversary

Many know it, have seen pictures or read articles on the Apologue Anniversary. But very few are those who have actually listened to it. This summer, we wanted to offer two opportunities to experience it.

In Switzerland:

For the first time ever, the Goldmund factory is opening it doors to the public for private listening sessions on our most prestigious speaker system.

When: from July 8 to 31 Where: at the Goldmund Geneva Factory How: kindly make an appointment by e-mail at

In France:

Jefferson Hifi Video also proposes listening sessions of the Apologue in his main demonstration room. In addition, you might want to experience as well their Goldmund Home Cinema.

When: from July 12 to August 20 Where: at Jefferson Hifi et Vidéo in Pérouse How: kindly make an appointment by phone at +33 (0) 6 68 10 95 76 or by e-mail at

We look forward to welcoming you this summer.

Goldmund Wins A Gold Show Award For Best Sound At The Newport Entertainment Show

Goldmund Best Sound Award

The Goldmund team was very happy to participate to the Newport show. Both exhibitors and visitors were extremely numerous. In addition, the “lifestyle” standalone speaker concept by Goldmund was very welcomed and accepted by all the guests who attended our demonstrations.

Comments on the Logos Tower were extremely positive and the quality of the demonstration has just been confirmed by an official Gold Show Award from AV Showrooms!

Product News

Crestron® Creates A Goldmund Control Module

Mimesis 32.5 Goldmund

We are glad to announce that Crestron®, the international giant of home automation has just issued a module/macro to control our acoustic processors.

  • The Mimesis 16.5 and 32.5 can now be integrated via their RS232 connector.
  • The Mimesis 11. Metis 10, Mimesis 15, 16, 16HD, 32 can be controlled through their USB port.

The module is used by the SIMPL Windows® software on which Crestron® technicians work to configure and program integrated systems applications.

Please contact your Goldmund Representative for more information.

The THA2, The New Headphone Amplifier by Goldmund

After the success of the Telos Headphone Amplifier and its 6 Moons Award, we have yet improved this model. It still can drive any headphone - even the least sensitive ones - and adapt to any impedance; It still brings exceptional dynamics; It still provides a unique linearity and perfect channel balance; And it now comes with a new feature that will ravish headphone aficionados: The Binaural encoding.

This encoding is made thanks to algorithms that transform the standard recordings into binaural. Any standard track can benefit from this feature thanks to a simple switch on the front panel of the amplifier.

For recordings that are already in binaural, the switch should simply be on the STD position. In addition to a clear sense of depth this feature greatly improves the natural balance between the instruments and provides a completely clear picture of the layout of the orchestra or band.

With extreme performance, DSD over PCM capabilities, new binaural features, and customization possibilities, the THA2 will undoubtedly remain THE reference in terms of headphone amplification for a very long time.

Goldmund Telos Headphone Amplifier 2