Logos Anatta

Logos Anatta - スピーカー

Sculptural and powerful, the new Logos Anatta cannot hide it is parent to the Apologue Anniversary Limited Edition.

With the same kind of mechanical structure and frame as the Apologue, the Logos Anatta also uses the same tweeter, midrange, and woofer section. It includes all the technologies developed by Goldmund up to now, giving it both power and precision.

Its traditional Goldmund aluminum finish and black frames suits any décor and matches with any color. A quite sophisticated construction, its modern look will ravish anybody looking for speakers that stand out as being different, special, and yet timeless in style.

The Anatta can be used wired by a coaxial link or completely wirelessly. It functions with the Goldmund dongle and a simple computer, a hub like the Mimesis 11, or with a processor/wireless transmitter if multi-channel sources are used. The digital link RCA plug is located right next to the AC connector.

The speaker can be seamlessly integrated into its environment since the power cord, the only really necessary cable, is completely hidden within the frame and connects at the rear bottom part of it. Amplifiers and filters are integrated within the speakers, leaving way to Zen and uncluttered environment.

May be more so than any other Goldmund speaker, the Logos Anatta has been designed to provide a sound that is the closest to reality. This is why it was called Anatta, which in Buddhism means “absence of self”. No coloration, no noise, no distortion, the Logos Anatta reproduces entirely and exactly what has been recorded. And if we are absolutely obsessed by sound quality, stubborn about providing our customers with the best existing reproduction, this is simply because only the highest level of realism can bring the highest level of pleasure and emotion.

This result is achieved thanks to the Proteus Speaker Modeling technology that allows the engineers of the Goldmund Acoustic Laboratory to create speakers of any shape while maintaining the Goldmund standards of sound quality. The Anatta is also strong of the latest development of Leonardo (version 2) that confers it the ability to be played to its maximum performance even from the provided computer dongle.

The Anatta is delivered mounted in a wooden crate. It just needs to be rolled out of the crate, unpacked, placed where it should be, and plugged to an AC socket. Its installation is extremely simple and the system can be tested immediately with the Goldmund Dongle.

For systems using a processor, the usual configurations can be loaded in stereo or multichannel. For home cinema applications, please ask the Goldmund Acoustic Laboratory for a customized file adapted to the room.

    • Fully constructed in metal with implementation of the mechanical grounding system to evacuate vibrations
    • Frequency response: 26Hz (-6dB) > 25kHz
    • Built-in 600 W Telos amplifier per side
    • 2 x 175 W for medium & tweeter
    • 1 x 250 W for woofer
    • Rated power consumption: 480W per unit
    • Amplifier dynamic range: > 100 dB (no weighting)
    • Wireless audio stream from USB dongle or Goldmund Transmitter
    • Digital input
  • Drivers:
    • 1 x soft dome tweeter, 2 x 7” medium and 1 x 12” woofer, selected for their high linearity and dynamics
  • Bass load:
    • Vent loading
  • Voltage:
    • Nominal range: 117V or 234V (+/-10%)
  • Size and weight
    • 56 W x 83 D x 160 H (cm) - 180 kg per side with frame
  • Warranty:
    • 3 years, parts :and labor.