Micrometis Wireless

Micrometis Wireless - スピーカー

The Micrometis Wireless is the ideal computer speaker system but can also be used as stereo system in a small room or as rear/side speakers in a multichannel system.

Its performance is astounding for a system this size but it also extremely convenient and easy to use thanks to its wireless feature. The Micrometis Wireless is active and can be used just with a dongle plugged to the USB port of your computer or, if used with a Goldmund processor, with the Goldmund wireless transmitter.

The Micrometis are very versatile and they discretely adapt to any decor.

With an integrated DSP, they benefit from the Leonardo time correction technology developed by Goldmund that guarantees the absolute quality and naturalness of sound. Small yet extremely powerful, its specifications will be very alluring to the young and demanding music lovers.

    • Nominal mains voltage: 117 V or 234 V, 50 to 60 Hz
    • Mains voltage range: +/- 10 %
    • Wireless audio stream from USB dongle
    • 4 inch medium driver
    • 1 inch dome tweeter
    • Vent loading
  • BANDWIDTH (- 3 dB)
    • 80 Hz to 25 kHz
    • Digital (DSP)
    • Built-in, 70 W amplifier at 8 Ohms (IEC60065) per unit
    • Rated Power Consumption 70 W per unit
    • Weight of one Micro Metis Wireless: 8 kg
    • Size of one Micro Metis Wireless: 210mm (H) x 151mm (W) x 162mm (D)
    • 3 years parts and labor