Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.136, March 2010

Product News

The Telos 350, a New Milestone for Goldmund

Telos 350

Like the former Mimesis 3, the Mimesis 29, or the Telos 600, the Telos 350 has all the features to become a milestone among the audio power amplifiers of the Goldmund lines.

The Telos 350 is built with a new full-aluminum Mechanical Grounding asymmetrical construction. This design allows keeping it at a reasonable size (and price) and makes it easily stackable. This was rendered necessary by the recent introduction of the 2-channel Proteus, a tremendous improvement in the driving of the best speakers, but one that requires several mono power amplifiers. This means that the price to pay to obtain Proteus was quickly becoming quite expensive for the amateur of complex speakers, not talking about the obtrusive space taken.

The Telos 350 real power will remain undisclosed... But the company says it will be much more powerful than a Telos 400 despite its reasonable price. Knowing that the Telos 600 has been recently discontinued, you may conclude that it can drive quite anything. In addition, the Telos 350 is the first amplifier that can be mixed with the existing Telos 2500, Telos 1000 or Telos 600 in a Proteus configuration, providing a substantial economy on large Proteus systems such as the Full Goldmund Epilogue. The Telos 350 can drive its tweeters and even the Epilogue 1 Signature woofers.

The internal circuit is seriously improved over the previous Telos and largely inspired by the recent Telos 5000, Goldmund masterpiece, and its future successor the Telos 3500 (more about this later). Using the same type of capacitors, a revised input circuit and no less than an Alize 6 D/A circuit, the only sacrifice on the Telos 350 is the suppression of the analog level control. Its approximate 3dB steps are rendered unnecessary by the easy adjustment to the half dB inside a Goldmund universal preamplifier. To improve the peace of mind of clients who use several Telos 350, its protection circuitry is the most advanced of any Telos amplifier so far; it makes it perfectly safe in case of short-circuit and many other typical electrical incidents.

Last, but not least, the Telos 350 provides an internal connection for an optional pluggable DSP board, just like the U-Telos amplifiers of the Goldmund Media Room. Connectable to a laptop by an USB connector, the future DSP board will allow Amplitude, Phase and Delay to be adjusted to set the Telos 350 in any configuration, including a complete Media Room environment.

Latest News about the Mimesis 16HD and Mimesis 32

Good News! The 32 and 16HD are now working in Multi-channel... This requires a board swap (easily installed by your Goldmund retailer). As explained before, this is because the Cirrus Logic DSP we use was wrongly advertised and finally proved unusable as it was recommended.

The exchange board for existing Mimesis 32 users, as well as the complete Mimesis 32 and 16HD will all be available by end of March/beginning of April. The software we developed with the new board will process Dolby, DTS, AAC, PCM 2.0 and PCM 5.1, the new remarkable HD format. And this directly from digital coaxial or Toslink or from the HDMI splitter included in the 32 and 16HD. The less-satisfying Dolby True-HD and DTS HD will temporarily be fed in analog as in most systems today. We are waiting (again) for Cirrus Logic to be able to make their evaluation kit work to do it directly from the HDMI as well. When ready, this will be only a minor software upgrade, easily done with the new Goldmund Universal Configurator.

We thank you for your patience.

The New Metis Components

A set of new Metis analog audio components has been created by Goldmund, replacing the company's former SR line at even lower costs despite their much improved performance. Their Mechanical Grounding Construction is simply remarkable. In the new line, an analog Preamplifier and Power Amplifier, the Metis 2 and Metis 3, will remind the most knowledgeable audiophiles of the Mimesis 2 & 3, the first electronics introduced by the company in 1984. With their even better performance and a minimum form factor (30W x 30D x 5H cm), but also with the exceptional Goldmund metal finish and engraving, they will be the typical separates any young Goldmund amateur with a limited budget was looking for. The Metis 2 preamplifier provides 5 analog stereo inputs and ultra-linear volume control with the same circuitry as the Mimesis 27.5. A balance adjustment is even provided on the remote. A set of 2 analog RCA outputs serves as the preamplifier output. The Metis 3 Power amplifier is a stereo 2 x 150W Telos circuit providing exceptional dynamics to the most phlegmatic speakers. It comes with 2 analog RCA inputs. An integrated amplifier, the Metis 5 includes both Metis 2 and Metis 3 circuitry in a diminutive chassis the size of the existing Metis 10 and at a very reasonable price for the quality. In the following picture, the new Goldmund PH7.6 is also shown, using the same chassis and form factor.

New Metis Line

New Universal Configurator Available for the Metis 10 & Making it a 16-channel Processor

More good news in this newsletter! If you are the lucky owner of a Goldmund Metis 10, you will be glad to know that this new configurator will make it a 16-channel processor. Contact your official Goldmund retailer to learn more about the new options that are available to you. The Metis system now offers incredible performance and configuration possibilities both for 2-channel and home theater systems. Reasonably priced, easy to set up, the Metis systems are becoming a must for those who are looking for small size, quality equipment.

Metis 10 Processor

Jefferson Hifi Video Presents Goldmund at the Bristol Hotel in Paris during High End Days

The Jefferson Hifi Video team will welcome Goldmund customers at the beautiful Hotel Bristol in Paris for the High End Days. The event will take place on the 9, 10, and 11th of April from 10AM to 7PM. Several new Goldmund products will be presented in France for the first time, including the Telos 250, and the Telos 390.2.

Venez nombreux!

Hotel Bristol: 112 rue du Faubourg Saint Honore, 75008 Paris.

Jefferson Audio Video

Marketing News

The Goldmund Eidos Line Brochure

Eidos Line Brochure

You can now download it from our website on the Eidos pages.

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