Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.141, August 2010

Worldwide Events

Sonus Faber Chooses Goldmund Electronics for the Presentation of the Fenice at the Top Audio Show in Milano

Goldmund is proud to announce that the famous Italian high end speaker manufacturer Sonus Faber has chosen Goldmund electronics to present their latest, biggest and most luxurious speaker model at the Top Audio Show that will be held in Milano next September.

The collaboration on this project started earlier this year when Sonus Faber, interested by the Telos amplifiers technology, asked Goldmund to perform tests with Telos amplifiers and the Fenice. The result was so successful that Sonus Faber decided that Goldmund electronics were the best equipment to bring up the maximal performance of their Fenice speaker system for the show.

The numerous demonstrations that will be made at the Top Audio 2010 will prove just this and reveal the ultimate beauty of the Fenice sound.

System presented at the Top Audio Show: * Fenice speakers, * 6 Telos 1000, * Eidos 20 player, * Mimesis 32 processor, * And a Mimesis PH3 Phono preamplifier for analog lovers.

The Goldmund team will be present during the show and looks forward to meeting you there: Top Audio Milano September 16 to 19, 2010 Atahotel Quark Via Lampedusa 11 A Milano, Italy

TriplePoint First Annual Holiday Showcase at the Goldmund New York Showroom

TriplePoint, a leading PR firm in the gaming industry , held its first Annual Holiday Showcase at our Goldmund New York Showroom. The two day press event featured the new series of Sega downloadable games but also the latest offerings from Nyko, Gunnar, Play On, NextSport, Livio and more.

Many press attendees from well known publications, radio and television such as PC Magazine, CBS News, Joystiq, Men’s Health, Worth Magazine, The Street, CNET, MTV participated in the event and were particularly amazed by the Goldmund system performance and realism that truly makes players feel that they are IN the game.

Marketing News

Goldmund and the Media

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