Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.142, September 2010

Product News

Goldmund Presents the Telos 352 and 353 Power Amplifiers

Goldmund is proud to present two new Telos Power Amplifiers: the Telos 352 (2 channels) and 353 (3 channels). They have been designed to support the Proteus 2-channel technology developed by Goldmund but can also be used as regular stereo or 3-channel amplifiers.

For those who are not familiar with Proteus, here is a short summary (white papers are available on request for science versed readers):

Proteus is a mathematical modeling technique created by the Goldmund fundamental research team led by Dr. Veronique Adam. It computes acoustic corrections that have the unique particularity of perfectly aligning the frequency response, the phase response and the time response of a speaker. This level of perfection has never been achieved before in any other existing Audio system. The corrections are included in a configuration file that is loaded inside the preamplifier and each driver is then amplified separately.

Although the performance of Proteus systems is nearly perfect, their disadvantage is the multiplication of the power amplifiers needed to drive the speakers and thus the cost.

The Telos 352 and 353 solve this cost problem by multiplying the number of amplification channels in one single amplifier case and with one single shared power supply. This makes them the ideal amplifiers for high end audio systems and for Media Room applications. These new amplifiers, like the Telos 350, can be mixed in complex configurations with the already existing Telos 2500, Telos 1000 or Telos 600 because they share the same group delay and the same sensitivity, also providing a substantial economy on large Proteus systems such as the Full Goldmund Epilogue.

If the Telos 352 has the exact same size and design as the Telos 350, the 353 is slightly higher, allowing the insertion of the board for the additional channel.

Telos 352 and 353 features:

Full-aluminum Mechanical Grounding Asymmetrical Construction: Visually surprising, the asymmetrical effect of having the heat sink on the right side and the weight concentrated on the front right foot proved remarkably efficient and allowed the size and weight of the amplifier to be seriously reduced without quality loss. This design also makes it easily stackable.

Internal Circuit: Using the same type of capacitors as the Telos 5000, a revised input circuit and no less than an Alize 6 D/A circuit, the only sacrifice on the Telos 352 and 353 is the suppression of the analog level control. Its approximate 3dB steps are rendered unnecessary by the easy adjustment to the half dB inside a Goldmund universal preamplifier.

Safety Features: To improve the peace of mind of clients who use several Telos 352/3, their protection circuitry is the most advanced of the Telos technology, just like in the Telos 350; it makes them perfectly safe in case of short-circuit and many other typical electrical incidents.

Optional DSP: Last, but not least, the Telos 352 and 353 provide an internal connection for an optional pluggable DSP board, just like the U-Telos amplifiers of the Goldmund Media Room. Connectable to a laptop by an USB connector, the future DSP board will allow Amplitude, Phase and Delay to be adjusted to set the Telos 352/3 in any configuration, including a complete Media Room environment.

Power Maximum Instantaneous Power: 500 W

A Preview of the New Metis DVD player

Many of you requested a source for the Metis system…so it will soon be ready. The Metis DVD will be available in November. We will keep you informed about the price and technical specifications later but wanted to show you how it will look.

Goldmund Metis DVD Player

A Mono Amplifier Completes the Metis Family

Another new member of the Metis family will soon be available. The Metis One is a mono amplifier with digital and analog inputs.

Its nominal power is 150W. It is a small unit (200 W x 355 D x 50 H - mm) that can easily be included in any system. Its price will be announced soon and delivery is planned for November.

Goldmund Metis One

New 3D Demo at the Goldmund House with a potential Metis Blu Ray player

Goldmund Metis 3D System

On September 1st 2010 Goldmund presented in Los Angeles another 3D demo in the Metis Room of its demo house.

With an especially designed configuration allowing the Metis system to benefit from the latest Media Room innovations, the demonstration presented a spectacular 3D video experience. The exceptionally accurate sound system based on a Metis 10 preamplifier feeding 6 Metis active speakers and 2 Metis subwoofers was equalized in amplitude and in time and is today the most affordable completely accurate system offered by Goldmund.

The LED LCD 55” screen by Samsung was linked by HDMI 1.4 to a prototype of a potential Metis Blu-ray player built around a 3D Samsung Blu-ray player platform.

The system is a good example of today’s extreme systems that can be easily installed in a living room or a bedroom without disturbing the daily lifestyle of many young couples or their decoration of the room.

Marketing News

New Distribution Partnership in Scandinavia with Tonkraft Nordic AB

Goldmund is proud to announce a new distribution partnership in Scandinavia with Tonkraft Nordic AB.   Based in Lerum, near Gothenburg in Sweden, Tonkraft will also distribute Goldmund products in Denmark and Norway. The company was created in 1972 by Mr. Jan Ardstal who still owns and runs it. Initially a Music House offering items such as music scores, musical instruments and audio equipment, the company has quickly become involved in the distribution of High End products while also specializing in professional equipment for music and video studios.

Tonkraft participated this month to the Swedish High End Association Show that was held on September 11 and 12 in Gothenburg and presented a complete Goldmund system to the press and the public. It was greeted with extremely positive comments from the numerous visitors who were also glad to discover that Goldmund is now officially represented in Scandinavia.

For more information, contact Tonkraft Nordic AB Postal address: PO Box 4045 - 433 04 Jonsered, Sweden Phone: +4631-795 75 95 Mobile: +4670-974 27 40 E - mail:

Goldmund and the Media


This month: the Goldmund Reference II in Evo, by Ian Eveleigh and John Barker.

Click on the link below to read the article:


New Demonstrations - The Leonardo Correction

Goldmund House Main Room

In addition to the new 3D Metis room system in the Goldmund House in Los Angeles, a set of new educational demonstrations have been installed in main room of the house.

These demonstrations, very simply controlled by the Mimesis 16 remote, present the various options now available to improve the best 2-channel systems.

Based on several Epilogue systems it is now very easy to demonstrate the successive steps of possible improvements: 1 - The simple mono-amping Epilogue 1 2 – The same but with the Leonardo correction of the Epilogue 1 crossover 3 – The Proteus-2ch Epilogue 1 Signature solution without Leonardo 4 - The Proteus-2ch Epilogue 1 Signature solution with Leonardo 5 – The Proteus-2ch Epilogue 1 Signature + Epilogue 2 Signature solution with Leonardo

By switching instantaneously between 2 solutions, the improvement is more than obvious for all listeners.

Worldwide Events

Top Audio and Video Show in Milano with Sonus Faber

With over 21.000 visitors, the Top Audio Video show in Milano was a huge success. The Sonus Faber Demo Room, where the public could hear the famous Fenice Speakers with Goldmund electronics, was completely full at all times.

A few pictures taken before and during the event are below.