Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.144, November 2010

Product News

The Mimesis 20H: Historical Converter from Goldmund

We recently announced a new Mimesis 22 History analog preamplifier, and to make the celebration complete, Goldmund also created the Mimesis 20 Historical D/A converter.

In 2001 the Mimesis 20M was already considered as the absolute D/A. The Mimesis 20 Historical is now a concentrate of the most advanced technologies ever developed by Goldmund. With a noise rejection even better than the Alize 7, a chassis built with the latest “Asymmetrical Mechanical Grounding” construction, the double AC-Curator introduced first in the Eidos Reference, and more internal adjustments than even the Mimesis 20.7, the Mimesis 20 History will without any doubt surpass the expectations of the most demanding audiophiles.

Goldmund Mimesis 20H

The Biggest Proteus System Ever Installed

The biggest Proteus 2-channel system ever has recently been installed in Mr Chan’s audio Room in Singapore . It includes 10 Telos 2500 and a Mimesis 32 powering a full Epilogue Signature. It is currently configured in 2-channel but the owner is already thinking of using Proteus Multi-channel by adding surround speakers and subwoofers. It is probably the best 2-channel system we ever heard so far. As in the other Proteus installations, the playback room acoustics and size completely disappear, leaving everything perfectly recreated in space. The sound is astoundingly natural and real thanks to the Leonardo correction included in the Proteus Software.

Marketing News

New Distribution Partnership in Taiwan

DaChee International, Taiwan

Goldmund is proud to announce a new distribution partnership in Taiwan with DaChee International Co. Ltd.

Based in Taipei, DaChee has been in operation since 1991. The company has a wide distribution network all around the country and some of its retailers have handled Goldmund products for many years. The DaChee team led by Mr. Sean K. H. Huang is highly experienced, understands the needs of the most demanding clients and is highly focused on providing them with the most perfect customer service.

A warm welcome to the Goldmund family for the whole DaChee Team!

Worldwide Events

New Proteus Demonstrations at the Singapore Hifi Show

In November, High End Research participated to the Singapore Hifi Show where the team made several very important demonstrations showing the effects of Proteus 2-channel applied for the first time to speakers from other brands than Goldmund. The Sonus Faber Amati and the Wilson Sasha were driven by 6 Telos 250 and a Mimesis 32 loaded with a specific Proteus 2-ch for these speakers and including a complete Leonardo correction.

The sonic result was astonishing of clarity and preciseness on both speaker models and the playback level without distortion reached levels that certainly neither Wilson nor Sonus Faber ever heard.

Sretenovic Audio System Opens of a VIP Club in Belgrade

This month, our distributor in Serbia opened a new VIP club called the Class A club. The club is located next to the main pedestrian and shopping zone in the centre of Belgrade.

It is a meeting place for audiophiles and art lovers. It consists in a small paintings gallery and a demonstration center for High End products.

Sretenovic Audio, Serbia

Silences Private VIP Show in Brussels

Our retailer in Belgium Silences, along with Jefferson Hifi Video organized a private presentation of the Metis line in Brussels on the 12 13 and 14 of November at the prestigious Hotel Metropole. A few pictures follow.