Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.162, November 2012

Product News

The New Logos 3N Now Available

The Goldmund Logos 3N uses very innovative technology to achieve a unique level of performance in a sub- bass speaker.

More compact than a Logos 3, it has been designed as the perfect fit to function with the Logos 1N and 2N for the LFE in multichannel applications. Its size makes it easy to place anywhere in a room.

It uses a full digital filtering and benefits from the Proteus technology with all its corrections.

Available for delivery now. 

The New Telos 280 Power Amplifier

The New Goldmund Telos 280

The Goldmund Telos 280 is the latest traditional power amplifier in the Telos family. It is a stereo analog unit that delivers 320W of power.

Continuing the excellence and legacy of the Telos line, its market is similar to its illustrious predecessor the Mimesis 28. The Telos 280 can be considered as a luxury upgrade of the 28 with more power, enhanced aluminum chassis providing excellent mechanical grounding and vastly improved driver control (what Goldmund calls “Acoustical Grounding”).

The unit consists of incredibly precise joint positioning and the visual perfection required in all high- end components. The DC coupled Telos 280 amplifier is easy to use and offers performance that caters to the most demanding audiophiles.

  • POWER RATING: Nominal Line Voltage 117 ; 234V AC line range: 10% Fuse 8A for 115 and 230V 2 toroidal transformers Separated ground and earth signal Connection between earth and ground to cancel all ground loops

  • OUTPUT POWER: Power RMS (Goldmund FPP Standard): 320Wrms on 8 Ohms. Maximum power (IEC60065): 2 x 215 Wrms on 8 Ohms / 1%THD Rated Power Consumption (IEC60065): 300 Wrms

  • DISTORSION: With 20 Vrms output level IMD < 0,04% BANDWIDTH: 20Hz – 20KHz: +/-0,2dB on 8 Ohms. +/- 3dB: 0Hz - >200KHz on 8 Ohms.

  • SLEW RATE: 8V/μS


  • INPUT: Maximum input sensitivity: 1Vrms

  • NO-CLIPPED OUTPUT VOLTAGE: Maximum voltage: 153Vpp


  • SAFETY FEATURES: Automatic switching to MUTING if the AC line drops or is interrupted.

  • FRONT PANEL: ON/OFF Switch Green LED for power

  • REAR PANEL: Power cord socket 3 lugs Voltage selctor 115/230V 1 pair of RCA connector (left and right) 2 pairs of output speakers connector (left and right)

  • DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: Dimensions: 440 W x 405 D x 130 H (mm) Weight: 15 Kg

  • WARRANTY: 3 year parts and labor.