Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.172, March 2014

Product News

Metis Wireless Subwoofer

A few month ago, we were comfortable in asserting that our wireless speaker systems were very secure but limited in use to two speakers. Today, we are glad to announce an extremely important evolution with the technical possibility to extend wireless systems to two additional subwoofers.

For this, our engineers of the acoustic laboratory have perfected a cutting edge wireless technology and developed the new Metis wireless subwoofer.

This new subwoofer installed with the Metis wireless, Metis Tower or Micrometis wireless speakers will represent THE perfect combination in terms of ease of use, performance and bandwidth.

For the performance, you will be pleased to know that this new model will use the same Telos amplification circuit as the bigger Goldmund subwoofers. It will use the same drivers as the previous metis subwoofer and will also have the same size and shape.

This new model is ideal to complete a stereo or multichannel wired system without the hassle of additional cables, or create a new wireless system.

The size and weight of one subwoofer is: Size 290H x 290 W x 290 D (mm) Weight 27,2 kg

The Goldmund Metis Tower Passive

Goldmund Metis Tower Passive

Strong of decades of experience in the design of speakers, Goldmund has recently launched many new active models that provide both performance and use of installation thanks to their wireless feature.

But we did not forget our audiophile customers who mostly enjoy passive speakers. So we have produced the passive version of the Metis Tower with the exact same line and aesthetic attributes. Built in aluminum, it also benefits from the famous Goldmund Mechanical Grounding technology.

It is ideally coupled with a Telos 390.5, making a perfect system at quite a reasonable price. The Telos 280 is also a good match along with the Mimesis 27.8 for those who want separate amplification.

Preliminary Technical Specifications

CONSTRUCTION • Fully constructed in extruded aluminum profile with implementation of the mechanical grounding system to evacuate vibrations


• Drivers: 2x4" medium driver and soft dome tweeter both selected for their high linearity and dynamics Vent loading

• Crossover: 2 ways, high linearity

• Efficiency: 88 dB at 1W/1 m  

• Bandwidth: 

-3 dB: 54 Hz to 25 kHz

-6 dB: 50 Hz to 25 kHz 

Size One unit: 140 W x 1000 H x 110 D (mm)

Availability: April 2014

Goldmund Wireless Technology

Goldmund started research and development of a wireless streaming solution in 2003. The quality of the existing technological solutions at the time was not sufficient for Goldmund’s standard, and they were judged to be too error prone and not robust enough.   It was therefore decided not to enter the wireless era before the technology had come to maturity. About ten years later, this was finally the case. Goldmund’s R&D team had then been able to verify, through cooperation with Texas Instruments and beta testing of their newly developed wireless protocol, that the streaming technology was fully capable of transparent and robust audio transport.   The first wireless speaker in the Goldmund family, the Micrometis, was launched in May 2013. On this system, Brent Butterworth, a famous audio reviewer commented: “I have to say it's the best compact audio system I've ever heard, with extremely low sonic coloration, a huge soundstage and a remarkably solid center image». Click here to read the full article

Wireless speakers were born during the following months, such as the Metis Wireless Speaker, the ProLogos, and of course the Apologue Anniversary. The exact same streaming technology is used in all these speakers, and there are several more coming, such as the Metis Tower, the ProLogos Plus and even more in development.   Goldmund is constantly looking ahead and exploring new technologies and possibilities. Look at the new Metis Wireless Sub that can now be added in 1 or 2 samples inside a Wireless 2-channel system.   Wireless Audio Streaming Technology - Specifications 24 bit Dynamic Range 48 kHz Sampling Frequency L/R channel synchronicity: Better than ± 20.8 μs Range: From 10 to 20 m depending on the environment – Designed for single-room use Radio frequency band: 2.4 GHz Based on Texas Instruments’ PurePath wireless technology Wireless protocol designed especially for audio streaming – Not Wi-Fi compatible

Please note: The speaker’s signal processing (crossovers, etc) is always carried out at 24 bits / 96 kHz. The usual S/PDIF input is available on all higher-end speakers (Metis, ProLogos, etc) for convenient use in multichannel systems, and for clients who are skeptical to wireless streaming or simply prefer using cables. The input selection is fully automatic.

Worldwide Events

Greece's Newly Remodeled Goldmund Showroom

Goldmund now has a new shrine in the center of Athens. Our distributor has invested into a brand new showroom in which he has started to receive customers first week of February for his first demo listening.

You step inside an apartment entirely dedicated to the brand and decorated with Italian furniture - comfortable and luxurious atmosphere where you can experience Goldmund in 2-channel and multi-channel. We congratulate Yannis Poutous and his team for this beautiful realization. 

A New Goldmund Showroom in Switzerland

Our Swiss distributor has just opened his new showroom. At less than one hour from  Zurich and Lucerne and therefore benefiting from a tight network of railways and highways it is easily accessible from all parts of Switzerland.

After a complete refurbishment this open space showroom of 150 m2 specially decorated by an interior designer is now ready  to welcome current and future customers. A demo room of approximately 40m2 allows to experience Goldmund in 2-channel and multi-channel as well. 

Special events will be organized on a regular basis in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Congratulations to Mathias Kuenzle and his partners.

Marketing News

Goldmund & the Media

Full Epilogue System on ABC video

This video shows a short demonstration on the world’s finest Blu-ray Player ever made and its quality experience. It also explains how the Epilogue system works to provide a lifelike effect. Be patient, this part of the video starts at 02:37 minutes.

Click here to view the video