Monthly Newsletter, Issue No.174, June 2014

Worldwide Events

A Mythical Speaker In A Mythical Hotel

The Jefferson Hifi Video team presented last month the Apologue Anniversary for the first time in France at the hotel Bristol, one of the oldest and most luxurious hotels in Paris.   As usual, the Apologue amazed the visitors for its alliance of power, dynamics and detail. A record audience showed up for this rare occasion to listen to this limited series product.

Congratulations to the Jefferson Hifi Video team for this beautiful weekend of excellent sound in a wonderful location.  

The Goldmund ProLogos Wireless Presented For The First Time In Vietnam

Goldmund ProLogos Hanoi may 2014

It is at the showroom of Thanh Tung Audio in Hanoi that the ProLogos were presented for the first time in Vietnam. Curious of the latest development of our wireless technology, many visitors attended the event with the audiophile a priori that wireless could not sound good…but

The ProLogos thus created the surprise and convinced both final users and retailers that it was possible to produce high end sound without cables. The ProLogos was used both with the USB dongle directly and with the wireless transmitter and a Mimesis 16, creating sparkles of hope for visitors’ wives imagining their living room without the usual cabling.

  Thank you to the Thanh Tung Audio team for this event

Goldmund And The Old Timer Rally In Austria.

 The past month was decidedly very active for our distributors and we would like to present another exceptional event where Goldmund was present: The Old Timer Rally in Austria.   From Saturday May 10th to Saturday May 17th our Swiss partners GLD participated into the « Tirol Classic » an old timer (collection cars) rally around the Achen lake in the Tyrolean Alps.    This one week was all about the pleasure of driving beautiful cars passionately pampered by their owners all year long  and enjoying the extraordinary lake and mountain landscapes of this part of Austria. 

  The evenings were an opportunity for Mathias Kuenzle and Dieter Wermelinger to organize listening sessions at their hotel (Alpenrose Spa Hotel in Maurach) treating their fellow rally participants or other hotel guests with the incredibly dynamic performances of our ProLogos speakers.     Congratulations to Mathias and Dieter for this very original  initiative. 


Product News

Wireless And Seamless

All HiFi users today request to have at least some way to stream music into their system. Audiophiles are less excited because they believe the sound quality provided through such connections is not sufficient, yet. But this is less and less true.   The dilemma is created by the 3 options in existing standards: * Apple Airplay * DLNA * Bluetooth

If the 2 first ones are Wi-Fi and usually lossless, the third is still lossy, even if the latest standards are going in the right direction.   The difference is more in the way to set it up. The 2 first ones are using Wi-Fi. If you are in a room where a Wi-Fi network exists, connecting your computer or your smartphone inside the network is not complicated if you have the pass and you probably will have done it anyhow to get your e-mail, your messages or use your browser.

If you have no local Wi-Fi network installed, the situation will become more complicated. As a counterpart, Bluetooth connection is pretty much automatic and painless.   Since Bluetooth is progressing, it may become the most practical but in the meantime Goldmund has decided to support ALL the systems.  

Analog Pass Through A new feature to come on all Goldmund acoustic processors

In order to answer your requests the Goldmund R&D department has worked on an analog pass through input that you will be able to use to connect Karaoke systems widely used in Asia, mixing tables, analog home cinema processors etc.

The input will be blocked at maximum level (99) but the level of all other inputs will automatically remain as previously used when switching back to them. It already exists on the Mimesis 32.5 but will be generalized on all our processors for the next production batches.

Marketing News

Goldmund & The Media

This month in the media, an article about home cinema design in Identity Magazine published in Dubai:

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