Telos 360

Telos 360 - Усилитель мощности

The Telos 360 is the heir to a long family of Power Amplifiers introduced for the first time by Goldmund in 1982.

The schematics used today are very similar to the original Goldmund model, only refined patiently by nine generations of Goldmund engineers, each one making it slightly closer to perfection.   Internal circuitry has thus been improved over the Telos 350+ to provide the strongest “Driver Control” ever achieved, inducing a surprising clarity and exceptional dynamics. A particularity of this new model is that it runs much cooler, to the extent that some professionals who tested it compared it to a class D on that data. The Telos 360 also uses a complex protection circuitry that makes it ultra safe in case of short circuit.  

Like the most prestigious Goldmund power amplifiers, the Telos 360 is equipped with the latest version of the Alize 6 converter. So it is a universal amplifier that can be used in both analog and digital systems.  

Easily stackable, it is built with the new Asymmetrical Mechanical Grounding construction concentrated on the front right foot, granting the amplifier an exceptional level of evacuation of the spurious vibrations that significantly affect the sound quality (see the engraved ”Mechanical Grounding” inscription on the top cover).

It is delivered with the typical Goldmund anodized aluminum finish, and adjustable metal pointed feet that also participate to the Mechanical Grounding.

    • Nominal line voltage: 117 V, 234 V
    • Separated ground and earth signal
  • Rated Power Consumption:
    • IEC 60065, 1/8 Output Power at 8 Ω: 150 W
  • Max Power Consumption:
    • IEC 60065 at 8 Ω /1% THD: 450 W
    • ON/OFF Switch
    • Green led for power
    • Orange led for locking signal
    • Red led for error
    • Power cord: universal socket 3 lugs.
    • Output speaker 2 x 5 ways post in parallel.
    • Analog input RCA connector
    • Digital Spdif input and output RCA connectors.
    • Switch between analog or digital input.
    • Switch right or left channel selection from the Spdif input.
  • Max level before clipping:
    • 1 % THD, unloaded: -6.6dBFS
  • Max level before clipping:
    • 1 % THD, unloaded: 56 Vrms
  • Output Power:
    • FPP Goldmund at 8 Ω: 300 W
  • Bandwidth:
    • 20 Hz - 20 kHz, unloaded: +/- 0.06 dB
  • Gain:
    • 35 dB
    • 31 W x 38.4 D x 23 H (cm); 20kg.
    • 3 year parts and labor.