Telos Headphone Amplifier 2

Telos Headphone Amplifier 2 - Усилитель мощности

After the success of the Telos Headphone Amplifier and its 6 Moons Award, Goldmund has yet improved this model. It still can drive any headphone - even the least sensitive ones - and adapt to any impedance; It still brings exceptional dynamics; It still provides a unique linearity and perfect channel balance; And it now comes with a new feature that will ravish headphone aficionados: The Binaural encoding.

This encoding is made thanks to algorithms that transform standard recordings into binaural. Any normal track can benefit from this feature thanks to a simple switch on the front panel of the amplifier. For recordings that are already in binaural, the switch should simply be on the STD position. In addition to a clear sense of depth, this feature greatly improves the natural balance between the instruments and provides a completely clear picture of the layout of the orchestra or band.

With extreme performance, DSD over PCM capabilities, new binaural features, and customization possibilities, the THA2 will undoubtedly remain THE reference in terms of headphone amplification for a very long time.

    • Nominal mains voltage: 117 V or 234 V (switchable), 50 to 60 Hz
    • Mains voltage range: +/- 15 %
    • 1.6A slow-blow fuse
    • Separated ground and earth signal
    • Connection between earth and ground to cancel all ground loops
    • Input selectable through front panel switch
    • Binaural mode switch according to the publication “Improved Headphone Listening” of Siegfried Linkwitz
    • USB device: Audio Class 2.0 (no driver required on Mac OS X as of v.10.6.4 nor on Linux, driver required only for Windows)
    • 1 x Toslink Optical or Digital S/PDIF coaxial RCA 75 Ohms
    • 1 x Analog RCA (Left & Right): ADC conversion for DSP correction
    • RS232 Command connector
    • ON/OFF power switch key
    • Sample rate up to 384 kHz/Bit depth up to 32
    • DSD over PCM capabilities
    • Digital volume knob on front panel
    • Gain adjustable for low/high sensitivity headphones.
    • Amplifier dynamic Range: > 100 dB (no weighting)
    • Frequency response: +/- 0.55 dB (20 Hz - 20 kHz, unloaded)
    • 30 W x 35 D x 10 H (cm)
    • Weight: 12 kg
    • 3 years parts and labor